Tuesday 31 October 2017

It's A Faaaake! Not The Art Of Star Trek - Celebrate good times, come on!

 You were almost certainly expecting a post that referenced Hallowe'en, what with this being Hallowe'en and all, so I'm sorry for any disappointment this non-Hallowe'en post may cause. 

 Originally, I was going to post that Delilah nonsense for Hallowe'en, as I thought the 31st was on Saturday.  When I realised I'd been looking at my portable standing stones from the wrong angle and, therefore, got my dates all skew-wiff, I had to have a rethink.  It also didn't help that the Delilah Smythe Inc. goons sent to "persuade" me to "endorse" that cow's books kept getting under my feet and putting me off, resulting in me pressing 'publish' just to get some peace and quiet!
 So, on very short notice, and with assistance from the Host, instead of Hallowe'en, may I present a different ancient pagan festival: Rumarie.  Described as: "full of barely clothed Vulcan men and women, covered in slippery Rillan grease, chasing one another", Rumarie has not been observed since the 14th century.
 I'm sure some of you can't wait to participate in its come-back...

  Thanks for the intro, Witchface. 
  As you might have guessed, Rumarie comes from the Star Trek universe, and it was my selection for this month's Star Trek Art Challenge.  The theme for October was set by the winner of the September challenge (not me - I didn't have time to create a submission), below: 

Peldor joi, friends!

This month it's time for some celebrations. The theme is Star Trek holidays! Be it the Bajoran Gratitude Festival, the Klingon Day of Honor, the Vulcan Tal-Shanar or Earth's own First Contact Day – there's some celebrating to be done!
Here's a handy list of all the made-up holidays from the Star Trek universe. Either pick one of those fictional festive events or invent one yourself to use as the basis for your work. No really, you can do anything you like with it.

Looking forward to what you cook up!

  I thought of Rumarie almost immediately as I wanted to use a little-known holiday, and also because I could revisit the Vulcan aesthetic I used last year for Winter Solstice.

First, I looked up "people chasing each other", selected some likely images and cut-out their silhouettes
(adding pointed ears - they're supposed to be Vulcans, after all)

Next, I stuck them to separated layers of golden-brown "sand" and tried out various backgrounds.
I really wanted to use gold (like I did with the Winter Solstice card), but it was too reflective

Sparkly purple was a little jarring

So I tried using a backdrop of actual skies I had taken photos of earlier in the year

And this is the finished article. 
The Vulcan calligraphy (which I appropriated from korsaya.org) on the red jars is supposed to say "Rillan Grease"


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  As is now traditional, Senator Vreenak insists upon having the last word:


  1. Well, it's sort of scary. Happy Halloween!

    1. Certainly scary for some of those Vulcans - I lopped off fingers and ears all over the place!

  2. Vulcan Porn... What next?
    Great artwork and using one of your Sky-clad shots was inspired...

    1. The sky really was a last minute thing - I was going to go with the purple, but then happened to look out the window and wondered if I could use the real sky, but it was too overcast.

  3. I admire your work IDV.

    I can't imagine Spock running wild through the sand chasing other Vulcans. Isn't it a bit dangerous with all that sticky grease, and sand ... but of course I have no clue about the Vulcan physis.

    1. I think they secretly enjoy getting sand stuck in their crevices!

  4. Awesome!!! Vulcan Beach Party!!!

    Toss in a wet T shirt and drinking contest, and it's Vulcan Spring Break!!!

    I love the cutouts! This be high art collage!!! Bravo!!!

    Trick or Treat!!! Happy Halloween!!!

    1. Ah, so that's why Vulcans don't tend to drink alcohol - they very quickly lose their inhibitions!
      Thanks Eros!

  5. Whatever will Spock do if he comes upon a shag on a groyne?

    1. He would be totally flummoxed at the exceeding illogicality of it. Then explode!

  6. - Plaintive tone - I was hoping for more bare flesh. I covered myself in Crisp 'n Dry to no purpose!

    1. Well, at least you took the healthier option. That Rillan Grease is VERY high in calories!

  7. Fabulous darling! And I love the Vulcan calligraphy.... perhaps I can use it for Vulcan wedding invitations.....?

    1. Ooh, yes! I'd love to see what The Carmine Quill could do with Vulcan Calligraphy!

  8. [on-topic?]

    Coming soon: Star Trek Galaxy-class keyboard cap kits!

    1. I didn't realise how much I needed those colourful keys until I saw them. Great find LẌ, and definitely on-topic!

      Unfortunately, they won't fit on my keyboard. Still, at least I've saved some money...


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