Saturday, 20 May 2017

Saturday Drift

  As I have loads to do, what better way to try and forget about it all than to drift around the countryside taking photos? Well, it was sunny and warm - It's supposed to heff it down this afternoon, so I can do all my sorting/packing/cleaning then. 
  Unless I work on my TrekBBS May Art Challenge instead...

First up, I walked up Happy Valley to the cliff top...

... and looked out at the lovely, calm sea

Overstrand beach

Happy Valley and Cromer Lighthouse

"Does my bum look big in this?" Quite frankly: Yes.


One of Beaky's minions keeping an eye on me - making sure I don't escape, I should think

"Ooh, you common vetch!" (for The Very Mistress)

Asplenium ferns near Smallhopes Hill

A lone buttercup

A carpet of Birdseye speedwell

Galls induced by the gall wasp


The view from Smallhopes Hill

Here comes the sun


Acorn cups

Ugh. One of those vile and contemptible Witch Wringers

Back home at Castlette DeVice, these fern fronds were unfurling


  This is where I wandered (thanks to the old drift map - last seen here):

  Not far, as you can see.

  Right. Better get on with something, I suppose. Even if it is just more procrastinating!


  1. From the title, I was afraid that you had taken the Alfa out drift car racing! Big relief to see the lovely beach and countryside pix!

    1. I don't know if Car would cope with drifting at this stage in its life. I fear it might fly apart!

  2. You did cast a spell on all your possessions so that they would pack themselves into boxes, before you went out, didn't you?

    1. Of course!

      Although, I wish I'd taken more care with it - Everything is jam-packed into a shoebox and now I daren't take the lid off lest the whole lot explode out!

    2. Oh dear, that Pickford spell is so tricky, isn't it? I got it wrong the other way and ended up with three pantecnicons to bring a baking tray home from Ikea!

  3. I am in love with the ferns and their fronds. Those are amazing pictures!!!! Our ferns here are very young yet... just got stalks, but aren't full yet. Nothing like cool temps all spring and then hit the high 90's the last three days. I don't know whether to keep the furs out, or just run around naked.

    1. It's only just got warm here, too. Although, we've had a couple of warm blips in the last month or so, plus a very mild winter (at least here on the East Coast).

      You were naked as you typed that, weren't you? You just couldn't wait!

    2. it's like you were here.

  4. Did you notice the troll-ish little face peeping out from the first acorn cup? No? Maybe it's just me.

    Lovely stroll

    1. I saw it too but was worried what was happening to me!

    2. I didn't but I have now. I hope he didn't follow me home?!

      ::checks under bed but only glimpses the usual monster suspiciously licking its lips::

      Actually, I hope he didn't have a family...


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