Friday, 19 May 2017

An Assortment of Aquilegias

Not to be confused with An Allotment of Aquilegias (from 2015)

  Sticking with the Triffidy theme - though perhaps not quite as monstrous as the churchyard Echiums - may I present the Aquilegias (and other blooms) currently gracing the Gardens (and driveway) of Castlette DeVice:

These blue ones had self-seeded in the shingle by the back door.

These pretty bi-colour ones sprout from a pot of Agapanthus

Pink & white...

... and purple & white single bloom varieties in the border by the house Castlette

Raspberry red stellata also in the Castlette border

A smaller-flowered  pink & white variety

Geum (and bluebells) framed by Gunnera, Hostas, and ferns

Yay! Foxgloves (Digitalis purpurea - I think these may be the 'Excelsior' variety?)!
Another foxglove making a brave stand against the Hellebores (?? - Help, Jon?!)
OK. Not Hellebores. They are, in fact, Caper Spurge - Euphorbia lathyris
Cedplopicus annoyerii 'Ruiner'

The first - and rather bedraggled - clematis flower

This hardy little thing appeared in the gravel driveway (along with an equally plucky sibling) under Inexcuseable's car!
  These photos were taken in a brief spell of sunshine that managed to nip in between this week's torrential downpours.


  1. Oh...breathes deeply and sighs contentedly...
    Thank you.Living where I do, it's lovely to be reminded of the old-fashioned,cool-woodsy flowers.
    Now, if you'll excuse me, I must hack some gingers so I can get the car out!

    1. Perhaps we could do a house-swap for a little while, as I'd love to fight through gingers, pentas, hibiscus, plumerias, syzygiums - even stag/elk horn ferns! - to get to Car. Or anywhere, really.

  2. Oh, aquilegias and foxgloves are very much the plants of the moment, aren't they? Although, saying that, our delphiniums - having rocketed away over this fab spring - alliums and Orlaya are all looking splendid too. Healthy rivalry, I say. Jx

    PS if those are hellebores, there are remarkably late! Not sure what they might be without seeing a close-up; so "Triffids" they remain...

    1. Oh, good, fashionable without trying!
      See that bare patch of soil near the waterfall in the Cedplopicus photo? Well, that's where a huge, delphinium should be. Instead, there is a marmalised twig sticking out of the ground with a pathetic tiny new leaf at the top. Yes, slugs and snails. I keep forgetting to set a beer trap (don't drink it) for them, the slimy little muck monsters.

      I don't think they are hellebores really, but I can't remember what they actually are? If I didn't like them, they'd be weeds as they're swamping everything under the holly tree. There's a photo of them as mere youths here (from August last year - number 40, with "The Days Are Just Packed")

    2. Found them: Caper Spurge - Euphorbia lathyris!

    3. Oh, and I've just noticed that the "Marmalised twig" is right next to Cedric's bum!

    4. Ah, I was looking at the purple bell flowers on the left - spurge being green-on-green, I completely ignored them. I am not a fan of Euphorbia, but Carol Klein was having an orgasm over them on Gardener's World on Friday... Jx

  3. Does Cedplopicus annoyerii have any openings for minions? I have two likely candidates!

    1. I think Ceplopicus would be the minion - He's scared of pretty much everything except spiders and frogs, so I expect Lola and Nikko would have him puffed up like a blowball in no time!

  4. Thank you for featuring my hero again - and in the very act of ruining something, since he's obviously about to dig something up or micturate on it.

    1. I think he was on a quest for a very small frog, so anything that got in his way was indeed ruined. He is a ruinous little ruiner!


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