Sunday, 29 May 2016

Over the hedge

 I know we haven't been around much lately, but there is a reason for that: We have been invaded by Babyzilla*.

Close-up of tiny Bird's Eye speedwell
 So, what with various entertaining of, cleaning up of, cleaning up after, feeding, taking to the beach, taking to the woods, taking to the grounds of stately homes, bathing of, reading bedtime stories to, defending cats from, and enduring ear-twiddling** by, I find myselves with just enough time to post some photos from last weekend's brief drift across the road and over the hedge.

The hedge in question on Northrepps Road
New growth on a pine sapling
Down amidst the fern forest (mainly Aspleniums)
Bird's Eye speedwell
Common vetch - a member of the pea family
New growth of a thistle
Hawthorn flowers
Tadpoles! (This reminds me of Mago's header image from this time last year)
Water crowfoot (Ranunculus aquatilis) amongst the bullrushes
I've no idea what this is, but it's growing in very poor, dried-out, clay soil.
Ribwort plantain

 I have some photos from today's trip to the lake and woods of Felbrigg Hall, but haven't had time to sort them out yet, so they'll have to wait until another day.

 *  Although, Indescribable had her second little monster at the end of April, so the Babyzilla title ought to be passed on.
 ** She likes to pinch and flick and fiddle and stroke the ears of whoever she's cuddling at the time.


  1. Lovely! Yet not a cockchafer in sight.

    "Common Vetch" sounds like an insult. You common vetch!!!

    1. It does, doesn't it! I think it goes rather nicely with "slattern".

  2. Taddies in a jam jar!Oh! The memories...

    And I may have to borrow the Mistress' insult. t has just the right ring.

    1. I was never that keen on tadpole jam...

      Borrow away, I'm sure she won't mind. I'll be using it from now on, too!

  3. Thanks for sharing these neat fotos while the raging, destructive, apocalyptic Babyzilla is taking a break from breaking the world. As soon as I read Birdseye, I automatically thought,'Oh, tv dinner!', then realized you meant beautiful purple flowers. The new pines, ferns, vetch, yellow flowers, & water flowers are spectacular. The pond with the tadpoles make me nervous, as the heavy storms we experienced recently has given rise to an explosion of ravenous mosquitoes. I hope those tadpoles are eating mosquitoes, or there are dragonflies present that can prey on those bloodsuckers. The Hawthorne flowers are gorgeous! And what a lush, wild looking, bushy hedge! What a sight to see those mighty, hard trunks as they rise gloriously erect from the bushes.

    Is that a fire hydrant sign or some sort of side road sign on the lamppost in the hedges pic?

    1. The sprays of creamy-white that seem to erupt from those turgid trunks look quite spectacular, don't they?!

      Oh, it's a side road sign - there's a junction at that second lamppost.

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it wonderfully lush? Although, it'll have a trim once it's finished flowering.

      Speaking of which... I note with some dismay that your own bush is still in need of some attention.

  5. We have sun here.... just thought I'd rub it in.... we don't often get the opportunity.

    1. ::releases grip of desk to pull a face and gets blown away::

  6. I dreamt last night that I was invited to Babyzilla's party, but had lost the address and had no means of getting there, and was frightened of Babyzilla attacking King Kong-style. Actually perhaps I should keep my dreams to myself.
    I may post on the very small piece of Central Library I picked up the other day, but don't want to give the council warning that I'm going to bequeath it to them.
    Nice hedge, btw.

    1. It sounds more like your dream was a premonition!

      I hoped you might appreciate the hedge, despite its greeness.

  7. What a wonderful assortment of nature pix. Thank you.

    1. You're welcome, as always. And, thank you, too!


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