Sunday, 5 June 2016

Calvin is a pig-faced smelly fat-head*

 I'm not usually one to jump on a bandwagon-
 Except for when you are!
 Oh, shush.
 Anyway. Bandwagons and not jumping. Except that this particular bandwagon was travelling at a sedate enough pace to leap on without sustaining injury, and because the driver (Pilot? Controller? Just what is the title of someone in charge of a bandwagon, runaway or otherwise?) happens to be a blogger I admire.
 I'm also hoping that this bandwagon works as well for me as it did (and still does) for Ms Scarlet, as the photos I took were with Phone (as I couldn't be bothered to faff around with Camera) and aren't that good because of poor light levels.
 Oh, The Very Mistress MJ also sat astride the bandwagon, but didn't quite get the point.
 So. We'd better get on with the show. May I present:

Books on chairs and other seating conveniences
Deranged Mutant
Killer Monster 
A Calvin and Hobbes Collection,
by Bill Watterson

 Snow Goons is seen here reclining on the soon-to-be-rid-of sofa, and I last read it here, and featured it here.

* Post title from the Kidnapping of Binky Betsy Debacle on page 33

29. The Soul Key (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), by Olivia Woods (2009)

 I haven't the time, fonts, nor wherewithall to do with the title what I did with Snow Goons title up there, so it's back to normal service now.
 The Soul Key fancied a breath of fresh air, so decided to relax on the garden bench.
 It is the continuation of the DS9 re-read I'm making my way though, and follows on from Fearful Symmetry. It's a shame Olivia Woods didn't write any more DS9 novels as I rather liked this one. 
 The Soul Key last featured here (in a small cameo).

30. The Never-Ending Sacrifice (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine),
 by Una McCormack (2009)

 Continuing the DS9 saga is The Never-Ending Sacrifice, a wonderful novel (and one of my favourites of any subject or genre) about the life of an orphaned Cardassian boy, Proka Rugal, who is taken from his adoptive Bajoran family and repatriated to Cardassia against his will. The story covers Rugal's time during the trials of Cardassia - under the watchful eye of the Obsidian Order, Dukat's rise to Power, the disastrous alliance with the Dominion, and the decimation of his race's homeworld. I know it sounds rather grim, but Rugal does have a happy ending.
 The Never-Ending Sacrifice is seen here on one of Castlette DeVice's dining chairs.

31. Force and Motion (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), by Jeffrey Lang (2016)

 Published just a few days ago, and new to my Kindle, is the latest DS9 novel, here sat up on my desk chair.
 Force and Motion tells of a calamitous day-in-the-life of Chief O'Brien and Nog when they go to visit the Chief's former commanding officer, the disgraced Starfleet Captain Benjamin Maxwell.
 In between The Never-Ending Sacrifice and this novel, there are ten other DS9 books, so I'm about two thirds of the way through my re-read at the moment. 

32. Terry Pratchett's The Colour of Magic: The Graphic Novel, illustrated by Steven Ross, adapted by Scott Rockwell (1991)

 Um... I ran out of chairs, hence the setting upon the porcelain throne!   


  1. Oh, I see...not so much bums-on-seats as the books that were read by said bums on said seats. Right.Got it.Best get cracking and read something then, wot!
    (Does it matter if the bums on the seats belong to cats? Because that seems to be de rigour Chez Dinahmow...

    1. If the bums on seats belong to cats, then perhaps we should see what said cats have been reading, instead?

  2. It's definitely THE thing for 2016. I am now looking ahead and pondering THE thing for 2017... it will come to me.... possibly something to do with ice cream - you heard it here first.

    1. Oh, dear. You mean we've got to keep photographing things on chairs throughout 2016? I'm spent already! Any chance we can get 2017 to arrive early, as I just fancy a sit down on the garden bench with an ice-cream?

  3. sooooooo, as i said over at ms, scarlet's, i have missed a lot! (yes, i had to click the link to find out what y'all were talking about!) i'll have to give it a turn! cheers, darling! xoxoxo

    1. Well, you had a birthday to prepare for - that's a pretty good excuse for missing stuff, isn't it?

  4. Ooh, I've been dying to see your throne (nice choice of reading btw) just to compare it with President Zuma's. I must think about what tarot card corresponds to it!

    1. Drat! I knew I should've used the bejewelled downstairs loo for the photo!

  5. The sofa is the perfect place to kick back & read some Calvin & Hobbes...I'd probably have snacks within reach...

    The garden bench is great for relaxing & enjoying the Soul Key. I'd've a drink on hand, in case I got thirsty & felt too lazy to go indoors.

    The Never-Ending Sacrifice looks very inviting on the dining chair. Surprisingly, one of the most productive spaces in my place is the dining table...probably because I'm close to snacks. Also, lots of space to spread out. This story sounds very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing it.

    The desk chair looks ergonomic & comfortable, which is necessary for productive workspaces. I hope Chief O'Brien has a comfortable, well supported desk chair to help him be more productive when dealing with Starfleet tech malfunctions in Force & Motion.

    The Color of Magic is perfectly acceptable reading material in the bathroom, though, I think if you're going to be reading it for longer than ten minutes, it would probably be more comfortable to read it while soaking in the tub.

    1. Una McCormack is one of my favourite (if not my actual favourite) Trek authors, and The Never-Ending Sacrifice really is a fantastic book. In case you weren't already aware, it takes its title from the Cardassian novel of the same name.
      Ms McCormack has also written another Cardassian-centric novel with a similar title as a Cardassian novel: The Crimson Shadow

  6. What do you mean, "didn't quite get the point?!"

    Is "the soon-to-be-rid-of sofa" the same sofa that Tazzy and Piggy sat on? If so, is that why you're getting rid?

    1. Well, somethings won't look better no matter how many chairs you sit them on.

      Oog. I got rid of that sofa years ago. There wasn't enough Febreze in the world to mask their foetid stench (well, mainly Piggy's)!

  7. sci-fi....i don't get it.

    1. Don't worry Norma. I don't think sci-fi gets you, either.

      If you and sci-fi ever come to some sort of detente, I highly recommend The Never-Ending Sacrifice as it's probably the least sci-fi Star Trek novel ever written. Yes, it's fiction, but there's barely any science in there at all - it's mainly character work.


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