Sunday 20 March 2016

Weekend Walkies III (lazy)

 I wanted to post something else, but my innate laziness kicked in, so you're going to have to put up with this.

 After a whole morning yesterday - and half the afternoon - spent gazing into the depths of the Demonbox and eating fruit jellies and chocolate, I hauled my carcass out the door and into the woods behind Castlette DeVice for some fresh air. I didn't go far, only venturing on to Smallhopes Hill, and didn't even take any photos of note, but, as I have a conspicuous absence of anything else to post at the mo, I'm going to show you, anyway.

The two halves of a flint stone. One of them was lodged in a tree branch, the other was on the ground further up the hill. I'm suspecting human intervention...

The whole flint

Just a small marker sigil I left

These are the saggy remains of a boundary marker sigil I left back in January.
As it's not completely ruined, I imagine the sagginess is as a result of the local wildlife
(mainly deer, as it's right next to a deer path), rather than humans
This is the same sigil back in January. The 'before', if you will...
That scary pillbox
A witch wringer - one of those that I first reported on here
Bloody hells! Unicorn hoof prints. I hope we're not going to get an infestation...
Another witch wringer. This one is closer to home - I can't believe I missed it before.
I hope they're not very slowly sneaking up on me?
The sneaky witch wringer and some bracket fungi
A horridly lit, blurry mess of the undersides of the bracket fungus.
I really do need to get a new camera as Phone is only any good in a select few conditions
 There. That's that done.

 Oh, and just a few updates from the last few days:

Wednesday : Drove down to Indescribable's to do some decorating. She's eight months pregnant (and the size of a small planet), and is in the process of preparing her home for the imminent arrival. Most of it's done - gathering the sacrificial virgins, terrorising the villagers, putting rubber sheets and tarpaulins down - you know, the usual stuff. However, her and her husband need to move Babyzilla out of the nursery so that whatever monstrous creature emerges from Indescribable can be locked away in there. This means that bedrooms need decorating, and with her husband's time limited, I "volunteered" to help out.

Thursday : Finished glossing the woodwork that I'd primed the day before, went with Indescribable to pick Babyzilla up from pre-school, then drove back up to Norfolk and home.

Friday : Car got clonked (again)! I'd driven in to Norwich for work, parked Car in a residential street just around the corner form where I usually park (there were no other spaces available), and toddled off to work. When I got back at about 5:40pm, I was greeted by a young man who admitted to scraping Car's right flank with his hired van. Luckily, the hire company's insurance should sort all this out.

Saturday : Other than the lazy walkies, in the evening I went out with some friends for a meal at the Recruiting Sergeant in Coltishall. There was no waiting around: drinks were administered (I had Hendricks G&T with cumcubis*) and orders taken. The food was served quickly - in very large portions - and was delicious (I had a warm brie, bacon, avocado & new potato salad to start, and fish pie as a main course). Despite the noise (it was very loud - the acoustics were horrendous which made everyone seem like they were shouting), we managed to hold several conversations and catch up with what we'd all been doing, as well as reminisce on old times.

Sunday (today) : As it's a reasonably nice day (so far), I'm going to potter around the garden for a bit. Other than that, I have no other plans. Yay!

* The late SP's word for 'cucumber'. 


  1. ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ Flintstones! Meet the Flintstones! ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬


    1. LẌ! Now I shall have the Feem Toon in my ear all day!

  2. These witch wringers, although horrific, are fascinating.

    I can't find much about them online. However, Googling led me to an amusing headline in The Guardian... "Norfolk: the most eccentric county in Britain?"

    1. When I Googled them, all I got was old ads for Sears 'Water Witch' wringer washers.

      That Guardian article headline you found (I just gave it a read) doesn't surprise me. Norfolk is so remote and sparsely populated compared to most other counties, that it's easy to lose oneself and become a reclusive eccentric without even trying.

    2. Yes, I saw those old Sears ads too.

      Now, Google "witch wringers" in Google Images. Your photos are the first to appear!

    3. But this sadly led me to order the wrong thing completely and the boy is having to do the washing by hand!

    4. Washing by hand!? Does he not have washboard abs?

  3. You keep leaving those markers, and someone is going to think something odd is going on in the countryside! A car scape? At least you got his number.....maybe he's interested!!!

    1. All sorts of odd things happen in the countryside. Boundary markers are the least of them!

  4. Ah, Small Hopes Hill! Wasn't that where Hannah Hoobin met her ruination and Gregory Grope pushed his grandmother down the well?

    1. Quite possibly. I shall look for a well next time I wander by.
      At least it wasn't in Kirky Overblow where Inspector Appleby was born.

    2. Yay! Another fan! And happy birthday. May the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman!

    3. Unfortunately, I didn't have a clue what you were on about, so I googled Hannah Hoobin and took it from there...

      P.S. Love the joke about my woman!

  5. Great fotos! Very impressive archaeo-geological detective work figuring out what the stones are & piecing them back together into a flint stone. I'd've been tempted to see if I could start a fire using that flint stone. On the one hand, I'd've been worried about starting forest fire--bears who work as park rangers frown at that. And I wouldn't want to piss off a bear & give it a reason to turn me into bear crap. On the other hand, a forest fire could send those pesky unicorns & sneaky witch wringers packing to bug other places.

    It's very responsible & courteous of the other driver to actually do the right thing & take responsibility for the fender bender. It's rare to see accountability these days, so much respect & props to those still doing the right thing.

    Will there be a mushrooms & sigils motif in the new arrival's bedroom? Perhaps a pillbox playhouse to keep Babyzilla occupied & entertained during & after the new arrival? And has the gravitational pull of Indescribable's accelerated mass accumulation started to affect the tides, warranting coastal flooding warnings from the weather service? I'd check up on the emergency/survival kit (& stock up on pot noodles & ear plugs), to deal with the devastation, societal collapse, & teeth gnashing & wailing that is sure to accompany the Armageddon the imminent arrival will bring.

    1. No chance of starting a forest fire here - the English weather keeps everything nice and damp. Well, that and the tidal waves caused by Indescribable waddling from one side of her house to the other!

  6. GRAND SPRING SALE!Are your sigils sagging? Has your Witch Wringer lost its grip? Never fear - we are offering A SIGNIFICANT SPRING DISCOUNT on all our Shiny Products! YES! For just a small start-up fee, you can order your Very Own Shiny Starter.It's easy! Just send credit card details (sorry, no food stamps on this offer) and we'll RUSH our Shiny Starter to you.

    D'you think the Wringer might have something to do with the straining of fence wires? I do hope not.Witches sound much more fun!

    1. A sale, you say? Quick! Where's my credit card?!?

      No. Definitely no wires.


      ::scours photos for traces of barbed wire::

  7. Yes, Norfolk is a bit spooky.... although I have a Devil's stone down the road that often needs turning. I will see if I can get a picture for you.
    Meanwhile.... it seems like it's time to do the garden thing again for the Infomaniac gardening show.... I am rubbish at gardening, so I will distract the mistress with photos of cute baby animals whilst the roses wilt in the background.

    1. Ooh, yes! I'd love to see your Devil's stone.

      I don't know if baby animals will cut the mustard with The Mistress? You may have to engage the services of the senior male members of the Conservative Club whilst all their clothes are in the wash...


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