Saturday, 27 February 2016

13 Little Dolls

 I had a terribly unnerving dream last night. I was trapped in a box for ages, only managing to escape by instilling myself into the wood and causing it to grow into a tree. Then a woodsman cut me down and carted me back to his cottage. There, his mother carved me into thirteen little dolls for his daughter.

 I think this dream came about from listening to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Wanderlust album in Car on the way home last night ("13 Little Dolls" is track seven on it), then watched an episode of Malcolm in the Middle in which Reese intends to mail himself to China (with the intent to beat up his penfriend) in a wooden packing crate ("Jessica Stays Over" episode 5 of Season 7).

 Have any of you had any bizarre dreams influenced by something that's happened to you during the day?



  1. Hell yes, and even more so when I have ice cream before bed. Just the other day, co workers were talking about snakes. Well, that,same night, I had a dream, these two guys abducted me. I came to, and realized I was naked, tied to a chair, while they were inserting little snakes into my skin through little incisions they made, all while the other was getting off on it. About half way through, I awoke seeing the snakes slither under my skin, sweating and panting. I jumped from bed to check it. That's the last time I eat ice cream at night.

  2. I just saw news reports on TV about Trump's and Hillary's respective election campaigns. I shudder to think what sort of nightmares I will have tonight!

  3. That is eerie dreaming about being turned into a set of carved wooden toys.

    I experience weird dreams usually after a very exhausting long day. One time, I ended up working 16hrs at a warehouse during a really hectic time inventorying, tagging equipment to be shipped out immediately by the forklifts onto the trucks in the loading docks. All freakin day and night it was identify, verify, tag, ship out equipment & materials while the forklifts beep & trucks rumbled in the background.

    When I finally made it home, I was so tired that I just took off my shoes, crashed on the couch, fell asleep & dreamt about fighting off an endless horde of zombies in the warehouse. It was never-ending! Everytime we cleared a section, we'd turn a corner and find more zombies! I was woken up from my dream by the sound of the doorbell. I struggled to my feet, staggered to open the door, but no one was there. I closed the door again, locked it, then realized, 'Wait a sec, I don't have a doorbell!' I was dreaming of hearing the sound of a forklift backing up in the warehouse!

  4. i'm guessing i'll have a bad dream
    tonight. might be from a blog i visited.

  5. Well, you know about my David Bowie sex dreams. Obviously from thinking about him night and day following his rise to the spirit world.

    LX, please take note... I was watching that fool Trump on telly and dreamed we were on an elevator together and he was "all up in my face," as they say, jabbering endlessly on and on.

    Your dream is fascinating.

  6. Anonymous28/2/16 15:50

    I don't dream - of course I do, but I can not remember them. If I can remember a dream - what happens only once a year or less - it is usually violent.

  7. I dream about Mr Lax. HE MUST MIND THE GAP.


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