Sunday, 14 February 2016

The be all, but not the end all

 is for...

 ...bazillions of things! But, the point of this meme from Eroswings is to choose five favourite things. So, without further ado, may I present my-
 OK, our, lists. Five each.
 Me first! 

 Babyzilla. As children go, she's not horrendous. And as I'm certainly not going to have one of my own, I just lavish my attention (and money) on Babyzilla, instead.
 In this photo (from nearly a year ago), Babyzilla is blowing bubbles - not with her bum as it may appear, but with her bubble-mower. 

 Broom. Well, I had to include Broom as it's lurking behind me as I type...

 B As in NCC-1701-B. The Excelsior-class USS Enterprise, and my favourite of all the Enterprise's. The third Federation Starfleet starship to bear the famous name was in service from 2293 to 2329, under the command of Captains John Harriman and Demora Sulu, amongst others. The Enterprise-B was lost, presumed destroyed, after 36 years of service.

 Beach. I love going to the beach - In any season. Here on the North Norfolk coast, the beaches really are quite beautiful, and I'm lucky to live practically on top of one. 
 Cromer and Overstrand beaches are particularly delightful, and are generous sources of many ingredients for spells, charms and curses.

 Breath of Life, by Erasure (narrowly pipping Blue Savannah to the post). This was the fourth (and final) single released from the 1991 "Chorus" album.

 Books. I don't know where we'd be without books. And one book in particular...
 I, and the Host, love reading. While he prefers fiction, mainly of the science variety, I tend to stick with books of recipes, spells, and prophecies - not to try and decipher what the future may bring, but to laugh at the ancient prophets' description of aeroplanes, the stock market, and daytime TV!
 At the moment, the Host is currently about a fifth of the way through The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen, while I've just finished Marmalised Marmalades, by Delilah "Paddington" Smythe, and considering starting The Boy Who Came Stars, by Jad Bowring.  

 Battle of the Planets. This Americanised (or, perhaps I should spell it like this: Americanized) version of Japan's 1970s (hence the hair and flares) Science Ninja Team Gatchaman was shown in the UK back in the 80s, and quickly became a favourite cartoon of mine, along with Ulysses 31 and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop.
 School playtimes found my friends and I hurtling around the playground pretending to be G-Force. Rather tellingly, I was always Princess (Jun) if no girls wanted to play...


Well, I'm still at this blogging lark after more than 10 years, and you lot are still humouring me, so it can't be that bad, can it?

 Brows, of the eye variety, as seen on the left here. Also, Barry Allen (AKA the Flash, played by Grant Gustin on the far left); Brenton Thwaites (star of The Signal and Oculus, amongst other films); winner of the 2015 Coven Awards "Exquisitely Exuberant EyeBrows" award - Tom Mison; and the bare buffness of The Raven's Barboy (courtesy of Mistress Maddie).


 Wait! What the...? How did you manage to insinuate yourself into this?
Yeah! We wanted to include Baking, not you!


 Right. While Witchface deals with Beaky, I'll finish up here by thanking you for attending today, and please feel free to publish your own list of favourite things beginning with the letter B, as Eros suggested.
 We'll endeavour to visit your blogs soon (and certainly over the next few days) to see what you've been up to in our two week absence. We're still a little "otherwise engaged" here, but normal service (if there is such a thing) will resume shortly, we hope.


  1. Excellent! Especially delightful: Babyzilla, Broom, Beaky! Oh, and Beaches!

    1. Thank you! However, as a combination, they are less excellent. Babyzilla and Beaky don't exactly see eye-to-eye...

  2. was "Marmalised Marmalade, by Delia "Paddington" Smythe" a joke?

    1. A joke, Norma? Well... Maybe the nickname "Paddington".
      Marmalised Marmalades (amongst others) will be featuring in my upcoming Infomaniac Reading Challenge 2016 post, so stay tuned for more info.

  3. I agree with LX. Absolutely brilliant! And Babyzilla is definitely the most beautiful & best one on the list. The beaches look amazing & it's always fun to see Broom & Beaky. The Enterprise B looks spectacular! Eyebrows are essential to facial expressions. People look disturbing without them. I've a friend who dated a girl who lasered off her eyebrows & had new ones tattooed in. She looked either perpetually surprised or offended, depending on which angle you saw her from.

    Erasure's Breath of life is a classic, and G Force is definitely a classic! We loved them, too, when I was growing up. Blogging & books are fun, & so is baking.

    Great job on the list!

    P.S. Babyzilla's bubblegum pink boots are the perfect accessory to bubble mow the lawn.

    1. Why, thank you, Eros! This wouldn't have seen the light if it wasn't for you and your marvellous "B" post.

  4. Lovely! I wonder what I could find, other than beach? There is an old bitch across the road, but she barks if I go too close...

    1. Thanks, Dinahmow! Maybe leave the barking bitches and stick to blooming blossoms?

  5. I covet that bubble-mower. Until now, I didn't even know they existed.

    Babyzilla has already mastered how to give "evils."

    1. I have a feeling Babyzilla's "evils" will be directed at you if you gaze too long upon her bubble-mower!
      I must have words with Indescribable about not letting Babyzilla watch Vicky Pollard on Little Britain...

  6. The Enterprise-B? I mean, I like it, but it's not the best Enterprise.

    Also, you left my eyebrows off the list, you hateful witch.

    1. I waver between the refit original, the virtually identical A, and the powerful yet elegant B. Besides, the B can't be that bad as it's lasted longer than all the others except the original.

      As for your eyebrows, I left them out on purpose as I have something coming up that I feel far outweighs their magnificence, and I don't want to overload everyone with too much Tim. After all, there's only so much of a good thing people can take!

  7. Erasure!! And Beaky. And books!! You've got it covered.

    1. Thank you! I had to use quite a big blanket to cover them all!

  8. Now I realise where you've been -to a certain bar in the 1990s. All I can say is I'm glad I've found you again if only to ask whether you still have my filofax?


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