Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Spring Garden ABC

 Well, Spring has well and truly sprung around Castlette DeVice! There's still a lot of green, but other colours are starting to come through now that the yellows, oranges and reds of the daffodils and tulips have been and gone.

 Before we get to the ABC, here are some photos from the end of April:

Magnolia, Acer (Japanese maple), and Camassia.

 So, on to the ABC: A is for Aquilegias

 B is for Bluebells

 And C is for Cedric. What the hells..? Cedplop! Get out of the shot, you're ruining everything you little ruiner! Oh, and take my cup with you, there's a good plop.

 Sigh... Oh, well. Here's a photo of the blossom tree to finish off with:



  1. Most excellent!
    My garden has a pink tinge... my cerise bush is in bud and is about to bloom.

  2. Well....what a nice big green thumb you have. I am a huge sucker for flowers. And yours all so beautiful!!! I just picked some Lily of the Valley from the outdoors to bring in. I guess you have some nice cockells coming soon?

  3. All very lovely, including the kitty, obv! Thank you for presenting them.

  4. I hope you'll show us your big pink bush this year, too, Ms Scarlet!

    Mistress Maddie: Why, thank you! Lily of the Valley have sucha wonderful scent - your home must smell lovely.
    As for the cockells, I think something got lost in translation? All I can think of is corn cockles, and they're practically extinct here in the UK.

    Thank you, LX. And, you're welcome. Cedric is purring with pleasure at the compliment.


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