Saturday, 9 May 2015

Beakzilla Strikes Again!

 As excuses for not blogging go, I think dealing with an increasingly voracious Beaky takes some beating. 

Beaky wolfing down fat balls (made from unbaptised boy fat, naturally)

Uh, oh. He's seen me!

Ha! You look stupid without your tail, Beaky!

 The increasingly uppity little shit has fathered a new brood of unspeakable evil, and is proceeding to eat me out of house and home castlette. I can't think of any good reason why I continue to put up with his incessant demands and his wife's shrillness, but I can't bring myselves to get rid of him. I have an inkling that he has me under some sort of thrall...



  1. ♫ Blackbird fly. blackbird fly.
    Into the light of the dark black night. ♫

    (Hope this helps.)

  2. I have malicious magpies. I have had to hide the jewels, as per.

  3. One can only hope, LX. One can only hope.

    Ms Scarlet, I find that the more ostentatious jewellery seems to be reasonably safe against pilfering magpies. Probably because the rum buggers can't take off with four-and-a-half pounds of ruby-encrusted crown...

  4. we've got 3 cardinal babies, just foisted from the nest today. they're all shell shocked, but one isn't looking to good. he may be the one that the corgi puppy found & "played" with.

    nature can be cruel.

  5. Cardinal's eh? I've just googled them (we don't get them over the pond) - very striking! Maybe the puppy & chick will grow up to be best friends?

    And, yes, Nature can be cruel. But when it comes to Beaky shrieking his head off at the crack of dawn, Nature could stand to be a bit crueller!

  6. If it helps, I have a friend, not Norman Bates, who loves himself some bird taxidermy. He has expressed interest in crows or black birds to deck the halls at Halloween.

  7. How fortunate, Mistress Maddie! If I can round up Beaky, his clones, and his monstrous progeny, your friend will have a Hallowe'en he'll never forget!

  8. tis hummingbirds around here, sweetcakes! there's a HUGE jasmine bush right outside the breakfast room window, so they are my companions these days. oh, and the bees, and chameleons, and bluebirds, cardinals, and that might be, woodpeckers. no crows around here, but turkey vultures do land on yards and roofs... *too much nature now that i think of it* xoxoxox

  9. Too much nature indeed, Savvy!

    * starts to roll out the pastry *


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