Thursday, 8 January 2015

"To Do" list

 Well, we're still here. Beaky hasn't managed to off us yet.
  And nor shall he! We're on our guard...
 Quite. Anyway, we've just got time to post a quick "to do" list and have a flick around your blogs before turning to matters of differing importance.
  Yes. Much as we'd like to lose yet more hours on this infernal Demon Box-
We've spent most of the day buggering around on Memory Beta!
  Shush, you! I was talking. Now, where was I?
Time wasting...
  Hmmph! Oh yes: Spending time at the Computron. Or trying not to. Or, at least, trying to spend constructive time at it. The point being-
If anyone actually gets around to the point, that is...
 The point being, if we make a list of things to do and share it with you lot, we might actually get around to doing the things on the list!
 So, without further ado, here is the list:

• Rearrange the Coven. After all, it's perfectly obvious that certain members aren't pulling their weight.
• Clear our desk. It looks like a red-tape & paperwork bomb has gone off on it! 
 Yes, it's not exactly conducive to sitting down and working at it.
• Darn socks (if anyone knows a good spell for this, please let me know!). 
• Finish the family tree for Svaathor.
• Write up our latest adventure from over the Cusp.
• Pick up some more de-nymphing solution.
• Oh, and find something to get rid of unicorns. There's one taken up residence in the shed and, as I'm sure you all know, they are stubbornly resistant to magic, so I can't take the easy way out.


  1. Maybe this will work with the unicorn, de-nymphing, and/or Beaky. Probably not with the socks though.

    "Out, damned spot! Out, I say! One- two- why then 'tis time to do't. Hell is murky. Fie, my lord, fie!"

    Lady Macbeth
    Macbeth Act V. Scene I.
    William Shakespeare (maybe)

  2. those unicorns could hold the skeins necessary to darn those socks, so thing things through.

  3. me me me me mmmmmmmmmme!!!!!!
    I want to join the coven!!!
    I have storage facilities for unicorns AND I may not know the spell for darning socks... but I know the one for nice tights.
    I hope this helps.

  4. What was the point again?

  5. Hey! It let me publish my comment without proving I wasn't a robot!

  6. are the flying monkeys safe? :) xoxoxoxox

  7. LX: Nah, it didn't work with the unicorn, de-nymphing or sock darning. But it did encourage 8 ruddy great wood pigeons which even Beaky balked at, so yes, it did kind of work in getting rid of him (however temporarily). Thank you!

    Norma: Good thinking. The socks are now darned and I've left a ball of wool on the unicorns horn so it doesn't stab me in the eye when I next venture into the shed.

    Ms Scarlet: Well, I'll have to consult with MJ, but I think you're pretty much guaranteed a place. You haven't been banned recently, have you?

    MJ: I think the point is that you've passed the Cylon detection test!

    Oh, and what do you think about booting Beast out of the Coven and admitting Ms Scarlet?

    Savvy: As houses!

    *Shoves Mr Beastie out of the way and organises tin foil hat collection on the coven mantelpiece*


  9. Ms Scarlet: My mistake. Must have had my contact lenses in back-to-front.

  10. Out with Beast!

    In with Miss Scarlet!


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