Saturday 6 December 2014

Squeeze your bum, point your toes, and go for it!*

 Oof! Here I am. Sorry about November. Many things contributed to this appalling fall in standards - work being the main culprit, but we have taken steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again: From the beginning of this month, the Host is now only working part-time.

 Well, I'm sick of having so little time to do the things I like!

 Some other points of note have been:

• Cake baking for Inexcuseable's place of employment

An arthritic cat pelvis/hip x-ray cake, and a first anniversary in a new building cake.
• A 50th birthday party (no, not mine you rude lot - still over a decade to go)
• Plenty of reading (more on this in the next post)
• Not quite as much writing. Although, here's an unedited snippet from a Star Trek frippery I've been toying with:

 Sal was just about to climb into her bed when her door chime sounded. She sighed and pulled the light cover back over the inviting mattress, smoothing out the wrinkles as she did so. Muttering to herself about how certain people should know better than to disturb the chief medical officer at this hour, Sal grudgingly made her way to the door.
 “Yes, my Captain?” she groused to her friend as the door whooshed open. Wow! Regina looks even more tired than I feel, and that’s no mean feat, she thought. Still, her visitor managed one of her endearing smiles that caused her bright eyes to sparkle despite their obvious somnolent appearance.
 “Aren’t you going to invite me in, El’nor?” Farkas asked.
 “As if you’d wait for an invitation” Sal grumbled good naturedly, and stepped aside as the shorter woman barged in.
 Farkas headed straight for the lounge area of the spacious cabin and plumped herself down on the chaise longue, Sal’s oldest and most comfortable piece of furniture, and the only one she’d brought aboard from her home on Earth. Sal rolled her eyes at Farkas’ outstretched  hand and expectant look even as she relented and turned to the replicator to order up their usual Darjeelings.
 “Well?” Sal prompted as she settled herself into a chair after Farkas had taken the proffered cup of tea.
 “Nothing” Farkas answered.
 Sal just raised her eyebrows questioningly. She had never mastered the art of raising just one eyebrow and had long ago come to terms with the fact that she’d never pass as a Vulcan even if she did manage to master her emotions.
 “OK. Not nothing” Farkas relented taking a sip of her tea. “Information about the timeslip was lacking, but I learned quite a bit about Captain Trillya and the maiden voyage of the Jaddar Nym. For a woman with a failing memory, Galuth’s recall of that event is remarkably accurate. And very enlightening!”
 “Do tell” Sal prompted as Farkas took another sip of tea. “You know how I love a good bit of gossip. Even if it is forty-odd years old!”

• Some Memory Beta updating
Strictly Come Dancing and Strictly It Takes Two watching

 Right. I suppose I'd better see what you've all been up to in my absence.

* Post title courtesy of Caroline & Pasha from Episode 48 of Strictly It Takes Two series 12


  1. Caroline and Pasha to win!!!!!
    There is nothing wrong with being close to 50. Not that I am or anything. But if I was, I would embrace it and use it as a tool to extract lots of presents from people.

  2. I like the cat pelvis x-ray cake very much! Bravo!

    PS: 50th? That disappeared in the rear-view mirror a long time ago. [sigh]

  3. Don't listen to MsScarlet, these kiddies desperatly try to come over as older ...

  4. As extraction tools go, Ms Scarlet, a 50th birthday party is quite cruel and unusal.
    Not that you'll have to worry about it for ages, yet!

    LX: Thank you. I just hope that Lola and Nikko's insides don't look like the cake!

    P.S> What happened to your "von"?

    Norma: Hey! Who are you calling simpl- Ohhh... Carry on.

    Mago: It's so we can go on Saga holidays!

    * puts down pea-shooter and slingshot and gets off Princess's lawn *

    MJ: I don't suppose it's too late to say no?

  5. The "von" stays in Berlin when I am not there.


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