Saturday, 27 December 2014

The repair witch came, but said she'd need another 900 for a new part.*

 OK, so we've just got time to squeeze in a final book post before the end-of-the-year-review. While we didn't manage to get to read 40+ books this year, we did exceed 2013's total of 36. So that's something, isn't it?

36. Tropic of Serpents (A Memoir by Lady Trent), by Marie Brennan
 This is the second in the series of Lady Trent's memoirs. I bought this book at the same time as the first but didn't get around to reading it until recently as I found the first one to be somewhat disappointing. Oh, the writing and concept (that of a scholarly Victorian era-esque lady travelling far from her homeland to study dragons) were top notch, I just don't think I was in the mood for such things back in August.
 This time, I think I must have been in the mood, as Lady Trent's adventures in the jungles of a central Africa-equivalent country and dealing with the indiginous peoples therein really captured my attention. There's a third book out soon, I believe: Voyage of the Basilisk. Although I don't know whether I shall be giving it a go.
37. Losing the Peace (Star Trek: The Next Generation), by William Leisner
 This book was released back in 2009 and deals with the aftermath of the devastating attack by the Borg. I didn't buy it at the time, as I wasn't convinced of the concept, and preferred more of a peaceful exploration-type Star Trek story after the chaos and carnage of the Federation-Borg war. However, at only £2.99 for the Kindle edition, I recently read it and found myself captivated. I was especially pleased to find that the often under-used Doctor Crusher stars in this story and her character and backstory is fleshed out very pleasingly. Top marks!

38. Saga (volume four), by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples
 Oh, Saga, can you do no wrong? Well, yes, you can actually. And that is to keep me waiting so long until the next volume is released!
 Other than that, Saga is pretty much perfect. Vaughan's story of a mis-matched family trying to stay one step ahead of a war and the various characters who are after them, and Staples' imaginative and outstanding artwork make for a compelling and thoughtful tale.
 Plus, there are so many lines from this volume that I considered for this post title, such as: "Oopsie, I made a universe" (an empress farted out a universe); "So yeah, your pet just menstruated all over the living room" (and that pet was a walrus-hippo hybrid); "Stop name-dropping your dead ex, it's desperate"; and "You know your dog smells like hot garbage juice, right?".
* Post title from chapter 19.

39. Star Trek: New Worlds, New Civilizations, by Michael Jan Friedman Again, another old book, this one first published back in 1999. It's an anthology of short stories about some of the various worlds and places in the Star Trek universe. Plus, lots of pictures! Some of these little snippets have been invaluable in updating Memory Beta (which is the main reason why I read it).

 We hope you all had smashing Christmases or whatever other holiday you may take part in. Yes, see you back here at the end of the year.


  1. Impressive book total! Congrats!

    PS: I recently had the washing machine repair guy pull that same trick with needing to order a part!

  2. Good luck with your total of books to be read in 2015.

    The problem I have is I like to re-read my favourite books so I don't think that counts for much!

    Good luck with the Repair Witch, I bet she sucked her teeth and shook her head, when she had everything in bits.

  3. it takes me forever to finish a book, i read a few pages in bed before i nod off. just finished the charles blow memoir (good!) & i'm in the middle of john lahr's bio of his dad, bert, which is good also.

    bravo 36!

  4. And there was me thinking that Saga would be about a bunch of old age pensioners cruising around the med betwixt elbowing each other out of the way to get to the buffet bar...

  5. Isn't that the plot for "Benidorm Bastards" Miss Scarlet?
    Anyway Mr DeVice, you appear to be an avid reader, like Norma i manage a few pages before waking up at some stage later with them adhered to my forehead... What is your prospective count for 2015?

  6. Farting out a universe gives a whole new meaning to the Big Bang theory on the origin of the universe (must've been really loud) & gives a new perspective on why the stars are full of hot, volatile gas.

    Me thinks the tales of woman adventurer going to different far off places to study giant lizards sounds suspiciously like the memoirs of a party girl who enjoys frequent & intimate interactions with the foreign locals & their exotic giant, hard, erupting & spewing monsters.

    My goodness! The pic on New Worlds, New Civilizations clearly shows the extensive damage around Stonehenge from thoughtless tourists trampling all over the grounds, leaving piles of trash & lit cigarettes, & so many holes from amateur archaeologists & ancient aliens proponents digging for crystal skulls & leprechaun treasure. Clearly the National Parks Department of Federation U.K. needs the public's help to protect & preserve these ancient important historical sites, especially in light of budget cuts due to funds being reallocated to the Borg War.

    Congrats on reading so many books! And for contributing to Memory Beta. Happy New Year to you & yours!!! Cheers to a Wonderful New Year full of good luck, good fortune, & good times with good people, good food, & good spirits!

  7. LX: Thank you.

    I hope you pushed him down the drain!

    Roses: Oh, re-reading counts. I think there are two ro three re-reads amongst my total this year.

    Norma: I hope you don't wake up with your head between any of Bert's unmentionables?

    Ms Scarlet: ... and trying to get the prestigious seat at the captain's table!

    Princess: Well, there's nothing like diving into a good book. Although, perhaps not literally...

    I'm aiming for 40 in 2015 (don't want to push it!).

    Eros: Bwah hah hah ha-

    * ahem *

    I mean: Yes, I can tell you're concerned by the state of the world(s) we live in.

    Thank you for the good wishes - The same goes for you and yours!


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