Thursday, 3 March 2011

Where's Witchface?

Well, I expect you want to know what I've been up to seeing as I haven't been around much lately?

Don't you?

Ah, well. Even if you don't I'm telling you anyway!

Firstly, I'm going to let you know why I've been absent: It's because I've been exceptionally tired. And not for the reasons you may think.
No. I've been walking to work for the last few weeks. More, actually. I started walking when the weather was really bad and the foot or so of snow we had didn't disappear because it was so cold! Now, work is only three miles or so away, but navigating through the snow and avoiding incompetent drivers added about 20 minutes to the normal 10 minute drive. Plus, I usually park about a mile from work (because I refuse to pay the extortionate car park prices) which means I have a 15-20 minute walk anyway.
So, I decided to walk to and from work - 40 minutes each way - which meant getting up earlier and, therefore, getting home later than usual. And once home, I still have my Desperate Housewife duties to attend to as well as walking Moom!
To top it all off, work has been exceptionally shit lately which I find tiring. Depressing, stressful and frustrating - These are three of the nicest words I can use to describe it. Ug. I don't even want to talk about it anymore.
Now, you might ask why I don't use Broom for the commute? Well, it's because the mornings are too light now to go flying around for all and sundry to see. Plus, the Civil Service doesn't take too kindly to witchcraft, for some reason, and therefore doesn't provide the requisite landing facilities for non-VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing, for those not in the know) brooms.
[Broom via]
The one good thing about all this walking is that I'm not using Car so much. This is a good thing because petrol is now £1.27 a litre! Or at least it was a week ago when I last filled up - It's probably £1.30 now. £71.00 it cost me to fill up. Seventy one shitting pounds! And to make matters worse, I had to fork out £245.00 for a year of Road Tax. It's ridiculous! I don't want to talk about this anymore, either.


So, I suppose I'd better tell you what I've been doing. Sadly, due to the above reasons, I haven't been doing much.

Along with SP, I've entertained various family & friends, including an exceptionally hot demon who works with SP. I'm going to have to keep an eye on their burgeoning bromance. Actually, it's gone well past the bromance stage - They're now calling each other Work Husbands!
I've tidied up the garden and got rid of the corpses of those plants that didn't make it through the bitter winter, and there were a lot of them, let me tell you. This spring is going to be very expensive...
One of the casualties was an old 'friend':
Margaret 2.0's whithered carcass has been tastefully interred hacked to bits and dumped unceremoniously onto the compost heap. Unfortunately, SP wouldn't let her in the house due to her size (too many glasses of fertiliser on the paysho, methinks), so she was banished to the sunroom. Which gets very cold in winter due to having no heating and far too much ventilation - Basically, it's shed with windows. Poor Margaret couldn't cope with a second vicious winter in that room and gave up the ghost.

Here she is in happier times with Car:

Last weekend I half prepared the vegetable patch - I'll finish it off this weekend, weather permitting. I also pruned the cherry trees - Well, I pruned one and had a half-hearted attempt at the other before giving up after being stabbed one too many times in the eyes by errant twigs.Only a few books have been read, but plenty of Sudoku has been done!

Today I had a much needed day off work and went clothes shopping. It turned out to be most successful, to my surprise. I managed to find some slim-fit black casual trousers that were long enough in the leg, three fitted shirts and two thin jumpers to go over them, a nicely detailed long sleeve T-shirt plus some bargain hi-cut canvas boots (that I'm sure 'Petra won't approve of).
I've also been making other worlds and living other lives.

Right. I'm off to unwind with my iTim.


  1. Well, I'm exhausted just reading about it all.
    Loving the iTim.

  2. Perhaps a lie down with a tipple may be in order, Miss Scarlet?

    Whereas I shall be lying down with iTim...

  3. I clicked on the long sleeve T-shirt link and I see that it's telling you to GO FEMININE.

  4. Oh gods, so it is! The address doesn't change as I click through the website - I hadn't noticed before.
    I've just tried something else - Hopefully it'll work now?

  5. Ha! Now the link goes to a blank screen...because it WANTS you to


  6. No. Still doesn't work - All that happens now is a blank screen.
    You'll just have to click the pic to embigulate and do without the details/description.
    Stupid Esprit website...

  7. Haaaaaa!!!

    It KNOWS you're a desperate housewife!

  8. How does it know? HOW?!?

    I've removed the hateful link now.


  9. Spoil sport.

    Luckily, I saved it!!!

    GO FEMININE!!!!!

  10. When I was here earlier it was also telling me to GO FEMININE!

    Do the canvas boots soak up the snow?

  11. Not a huge fan of the boots dear, but much better than those awful shoes you were flaunting a few years ago with the FGES compo. 'Petra may have to do a shoe intervention over on the Palace sometime.

    I know we are in the early stages of a little womens shoes post too.

    The outfit is hot (does the cutie come with the outfit?)

    Wv: GRace

  12. MJ: Oh good.

    xl: More than likely. Although, all the snow has gone now - Never to return, I hope!

    'Petra: The boots are practical - They're for walking 6 miles a day in. Plus, they're hi-tops which go with slim-fit trousers. Having said that, I do have a pair of pointy black shoes to wear once I actually get to work.

    Actually, maybe I do need an intervention?

    Sadly, the hottie isn't an added extra. maybe for the millionth customer?

  13. You'd better go buy more shirts! A million? In case you don't need him you can send him right over. Don't worry about putting 'do not bend' on the package.

    I think it would be fun to have an intervention though, are you up for it? I would lime to see the pointy shoes though.

  14. Lime = love obviously!

  15. I am impressed that you are walking to and from every day. no wonder you don't have time for much else. I know i'd be totally exhausted doing even half the things you describe

  16. Are you GOING FEMININE?!

    I've bought some new clothes this last week too. And my road tax went down £10.

  17. 'Petra: I'm sure he'll be bent by the time you've finished with him!

    I'll have to polish the shoes before I post a pic of them - Maybe this weekend?

    Princess: What I omitted to mention was that Fridays are less strenuous as I get a parking space at work. Yay Fridays!

    Tim: I think I will - You like FEM don't you?

    Your tax went down?! * seethes *

    What did you buy? We need pics of you modelling these items.

    * crosses fingers for swimming trunks &/or short-shorts *

  18. Shirt, tie, waistcoat:


  19. Shirt, tie, waistcoat:


  20. Notice how I couldn't even be bothered to make that into a proper link?

  21. Tims: OK, so the finger crossing didn't work, but yes: Dapper!

    I did notice that you couldn't be bothered to make a proper link, but that you could be bothered to post the non-proper link twice.
    What a strange set of priorities you have.

  22. I didn't mean to post it twice. The WV said it failed. Obviously it DIDN'T.

    Stupid WV.

  23. "A bad workman always blames his tools."


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