Sunday 6 March 2011

Star Trek: Voyages That Never Were III

I've had a busy weekend tidying, sorting and rearranging, and, therefore, have had little time for blogging again. So, in the absence of anything more interesting, may I present to you the third in the series of the Voyages That Never Were. As before, all these sketches are from years past. I'd probably drawn them some time in 1997 as the quilted shoulder uniforms that inspired these were first seen in November/December 1996 when Star Trek: First Contact and Deep Space Nine Rapture aired.
As I said to Princess in the comments there, "My freehand sketches tend to have somewhat bizarre proportions - in or out of a black hole." So, here are some ideas and variations of Starfleet uniforms modelled by those small of head and broad of shoulder:

These uniforms were based on those designs of the late 2360s-early 2370s and 2373 onwards era but using the department colours of the late 2270s-2350s, or thereabouts.

And these are the final designs:

And just to finish off with, the following sketches are of a masculine suit inspired by Seven of Nine's first silver spandex costume. There are also some Borg & Xenomorph oddities to peruse, too:

Continued in... Star Trek: The Voyages That Never Were IV


  1. That's so amazing! Love the sketches and also that you sat down and did these. Clearly you thought about rather than just doodled on the back of your math book.

    It makes me wish I had tried something similar. By the way, the shoulder pads are SO coming back!

  2. Yay! That means I can probably pull off my Krystal Carrington 'flicks & wings' hair-do!

    And thank you for the praise - I did think about the sketches.

  3. Get that wig on and start flicking!

    Go forth and be fierce and mighty

  4. I like the set in the second picture that look like the TOS era movie uniforms but reenvisaged in the TNG style. Vey vey nice.

    NERD ALERT: did you know that they were going to use a wraparound style of tunic for Generations and actually started filming with them before they decided they looked a bit shit? As a result, they quickie had to pop the cast into DS9-style uniforms, but didn't have the time or money to make new ones for everyone. You'll notice in the film that Riker has his sleeves rolled up; this is because he was wearing Avery Brooks' uniform and it was too big!

    They actually sold a few Geordi action figures in the abandoned uniform before they were pulled from shops. And no I don't own one.

  5. Again... I am impressed...
    You have a great eye for clothing design Mr De Vice... Particularly how it drapes and hangs on the body...

    I commend you...
    Ever thought of pursuing a change of career?

    Heads are difficult to get into proportion... but obviously get smaller in the future....

    And Petra is right... Shoulder pads are making a comeback... Quilted ones at that... and I should know... given that I spend much of my time Quilting....

    As you know I'm not an expert on trek thingies... but I must say that I am impressed by Sparkly Tim's knowledge and eye for detail with everything trekky......

    Oh and your own of course....

  6. Again, thanks for sharing these creations with us.

    PS: In these later Star Treks do the red uniforms still indicate the sacrificial crewmembers on the landing parties?

  7. These are aMAzing...... might have to talk to you when Im ready for a cover for my book :)

  8. There's an opening at Dior now that John Galliano is toast.

  9. 'Petra: Well, I flicked, but took out half the banister and a chandelier as the flicks are so big!

    Tim: Why, thank you.

    And, yes, I did know - I love those sketches of Picard and Troi in those scrapped uniforms. I'm quite disappointed they weren't used as I thought they were fantastic!

    Princess: Thank you.

    I have pondered the subject, yes.

    Hopefully not everything will get smaller & more efficient in the future?

    Then I shall come to you for my quilting needs!

    Tim is a most impressive sort, yes,

    Thank you again.

    xl: I have yet more to share, too!

    In the later Treks, the hapless Red Shirts seem to have been replaced by unlucky gold/mustard shirted crewmembers.

    Damien: Why, thank you, too!

    A book? You must tell me more!

    MJ: Actually, I was pipped to the post as you can see here.

    Mmmmmm.... Toast!

  10. What a great surprise to see that you have more sketches to share with us. I'm with Petra that it's great you took the time to sketch them out properly. I would have been too lazy and they would have stayed in my mind (well, I'm also crap at design so they wouldn't even have existed in my mind)

  11. You've certainly got quite the talent and skill in creating these fantastic designs! I luv the use of other colors and how the different sections are put together to form an aesthetic and commanding look.

    I've always wondered, though, what's up with the long sleeves in Star Trek? It wasn't until the Enterprise series that we got to see people in tank tops and shorts. But that made me wonder. Does this mean in the future, everyone has to wear long johns as part of daily wear?


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