Wednesday 9 March 2011

Star Trek: Voyages That Never Were IV

You may be pleased to hear that this will probably be the last of these Voyages That Never Were posts as, although I have loads of old sketches and designs left, none of them are worthy of publishing. Although, there's always the possibility that I'll create more 'masterpieces' when bored or full of flights of fancy!As you can see, I liked my spherical hulled starships back whenever I created these images.
The Valiant-class vessel (above) would have been a TOS-era ship, probably first commissioned circa 2235.
The little Darwin-class ship (left) never made it past the sketch stage even though I liked the front view and how the secondary hull looked like it was upside down in the side view.
The T'Seren-class ship (below) I envisioned being partially designed by Vulcans (hence the name-see the last point) and brought into service in the 2340s as science & research vessels. I liked the yacht-like lower secondary hull, the elegant nacelles-the front of which look slightly like the bow of a Vulcan long-range shuttle, and the smooth simplicity of the spherical primary hull. I named it after Mount Seleya, on Vulcan.

Here we have four starships from different eras. The Sagittarius-class starship at the top is my favourite - It's a kitbash using a refit Excelsior-class primary hull & shortened secondary hull with Akira-class nacelles & pylons.
The Corona & Valiant-class (a different design to the first starship of this post) are from the TOS era, and the Reliant-class (named after the Miranda-class USS Reliant that Khan commandeered in Star Trek II) from the late 2290s.
I believe I traced some of the components from the Star Trek Encyclopaedia - There's very little freehand detail in these four starships.

The Sirius-class starship (below) was my interpretation of a capital ship from the TNG movie era - Perhaps the late 2370s or early 2380s. The rough sketch bears the name Excelsior, and I intended it to replace the original Excelsior NCC 2000 after almost 100 years of exemplary service.

And that's your lot. Enjoy. Or ignore... And thanks for being patient!

Continued in... Star Trek: The Voyages That Never Were V


  1. Shouldn't you have been an architect or working on a Star Trek magazine or something like that?

    You are very skilled mate, even if I hear MJ screaming nerd alert from miles away

  2. Cool. Did you build any models as well?

    Oh Hai Pete!

  3. I quite like your designs regardless of my limited interest in starships and such.

    What does a girl have to do to get a glass of Vulcan port?

    Oh Hai Petra and XL!

  4. Very cool. Again, I admire the effort that you used to create these. Perfect circles implying use of a template or protractor or something... I would have done some sort of freehand blob.

  5. Actually, 'Petra, I did want to be an architect when I was younger.

    * wonders if Tim is reading this - he could get me a job for his mag *

    xl: I did, as it happens. Not very well, though - I was too impatient to do them properly.

    MJ: Thank you. High praise, indeed.

    Some girls have to give Oo-mox to get such niceties as Vulcan port - Not to me though, I hasten to add!!

    Snooze: Ah, yes. I think I drew around something for the Seleya and the Atlantis, although I traced the circles on the four smaller ships. Very slowly!

  6. The Corona class looks a smidgeon like the Enterprise from the new movie. Spooky!

    Job? As with many other things in life, there's no openings, I'm afraid.

  7. Tim: You might be surprised at the openings I could prise open.


  9. Fantastic sketches!

    I esp like the Sirus class one! Looks like a sharp, sleek weapon of eloquent mass destruction!


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