Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hottest Sci-Figure 2009

I think it's time to wrap up the lingering vestiges of 2009 and post this; the half-arsed award ceremony for 2009's Hottest Sci-Figure, as chosen by you (and me, of course - After all, this is my blog).

First, here are the red carpet photos just prior to the awards. However, in my somewhat overzealous efforts to protect the identities of those of you with faces not worth showing,
by not showing your faces, I've somehow not shown the faces of everyone. I know that those of you who do have faces worth showing may be miffed, but I'm not going back and doing it all again. So there.

Now that the publicity photos are done and dusted, let's get on with the show.

The nominees for 2009's Hottest Sci-Figure are:

Josh Duhamel
(to see him naked, click here)

The Cylons: Tricia Helfer, Grace Park, Lucy lawless & Callum Keith Rennie

Katee Sackhoff

Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine

After much deliberation, the winner is: Chris Pine!

Well, it must have been obvious that I wasn't going to pick a girl. And while CKR is undoubtably sexy, he's just a little too craggy and I couldn't find a suitably clothe-less picture. So that left Josh, Sylar and Captain Kirk. Josh was the first to go as I find him a little too perfect (and facially, in some pictures, he looks like that hideous creature John Barrowman). Sylar, oh Sylar. You had everything going for you until Heroes watered you down - You should have been killed off while the going was good.


  1. It's the dude from the Princess Diaries 2!!!

    Anyone who's survived kissing Lindsay Lohan in a movie deserves an award.

  2. Chris looks mightily surprised at this … dubious honour.

  3. Lindsay Lohan was in that Princess Diaries movie?

    I am all for Sylar, Chris and Josh. Hell, even John Barrowman wouldn't have to walk around my bed for very long. Oh, dearie me..

  4. good call!

    I made the mistake of trying to watch the opening episode of the new series of Heroes the other day - what bilge. How could it go so bad so quickly???

  5. CP, Chris Pine had several kissing scenes in the movie Just My Luck with Lohan. Luckily, he didn't end up with a social disease. I shudder to think where her lips have been.

    I'm surprised there's no Dr Who on the list...or that hot chick who plays Morgana on Merlin!

  6. Dear Mr Device,

    Princess applauds your inexplicable taste in Men.
    *clapping hands in seal impersonation*

    He is a very worthy winner, even though looking somewhat astonished at your papparazzi skills!
    I am very glad he was able to survive the mauling fom Ms Low hang.
    Luv Princess XXX

  7. Poor old LiLo just wants to be loved

  8. MJ: What ever floats your gold pressed latinum-laden boat.

    Eros: He deserves more than an award - He's survived TWO movie kisses with La Lohan.

    Tim: Well, I had caught him somewhat unawares - I'd crashed Broom into the side of his trailer.

    'Petra: John Barrowman would have to walk around my bed then out the door (and preferably off a cliff)!

    Frobi: Isn't it a shame. I haven't heard good things about the 4th season, either.

    Eros: ACtually, I'm surprised there's no Dr Who either - The girls seem to like that wally David Tennant. If I had to choose a Dr, it'd be Peter Davison's Dr.

    Princess: You'd think he'd be used to my incessant stalking by now, wouldn't you?

    * throws Princess a fish *

    BEAST: Sounds like you've set yourself up for the task.

  9. I love Zachary Quinto's photo, I keep expecting him to still be wearing the Vulcan ears.

  10. On Doctor Who I still think Christopher Eccleston is cute because of his ears. David is very dapper and he is so pretty.

  11. I was surprised there were even girls on the list! Excellent choice, though.

  12. I can get behind Chris Pine, but Quinto will always bring sexay back.

    On another note - Heroes is still on?

  13. Tara: It's good to see him with his hair down and a smile!

    'Petra: Ecclescake is by far a better Doctor than that Tennant - Oh, how I loathe him. He's such a Monet.

    Dinah: Well, they weren't my choice - You can blame Eros for them.

    Smuggers: Yes, Heroes *is* still on - Much to my dismay.


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