Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dreaming of Mim

I had a dream the other night, in which I and my former tutor, Shee-La, aka the Princess Of Poached Eggs* (maysherestinpeace), found ourselves in a square, stone bell tower. At the top was the mad Madam Mim, and, let me tell you, she was mad that we were in her tower. POPE and Madam Mim got into a magical dual, but POPE, after becoming invisible, lost the majority of her powers, so I had to intervene.
In the dream, I was still young and inexperienced, so I wasn't faring too well. Suddenly, Mim knocked me out of one of the glassless windows - Hoping that I would fall to my doom, I shouldn't wonder. Instead, I managed to summon a broom (not Broom) and stop my plummet earthwards. But, the broom was invisible and relied on the power of belief to keep it tangible, which was very difficult to achieve what with most of my thought going into spell-casting and attempting to remain aboard (side-saddle, of course. A witch never rides astride a broom - That's for those heathen warlocks). It was also desperately slow. I was reduced to firing spells at Mim in through the windows and avoiding her retaliatory barrages as I very slowly orbited the tower.

Then I woke up.

I wonder what it means? Perhaps it's a premonition that Mim has recovered from the effects of Merlin's germ warfare and is on her way here? I do hope so, as I lent her my butter dish years ago and would rather like it back.

* She ran a cafe and had mastered the egg in all its forms, especially the poached variety, hence her nickname (unknown to her, though - It was only my sister Indescribable and I who called her POPE - out of her earshot, of course).


  1. "In the dream, I was still young and inexperienced…"

    Oh yes, it was definitely a dream then.

  2. You owned a butter dish? How very twee of you.

    I bet you have one of those cutlery sets in a faux velvet covered case that you get out on special occasions too, don't you?

    And one of those horrid knitted toilet roll cover things.


  3. With all that I think it's all one large cover up of the devastating first attempt at straight coupling.

    Just own up to it already. All that fumbling and falling and you know, Madam Mim and the Pope.

  4. Perhaps it means you are considering going back to school or taking some classes or other ventures to improve your skills and knowledge. Or it's time to get a new broom. Either that or stop eating the cress from your portable crop circle...

  5. Do you make toast soldiers for SP?

  6. Tim: Oh, Har har.

    END: Oh, I quite agree.

    P&T: I'm surprised you even know what toilet roll is.

    And, no, I don't have "one of those cutlery sets in a faux velvet covered case that you get out on special occasions".

    Not yet, anyway.

    'Petra: Ewww, gods, no!

    Eros: Now that you come to mention it, that cress does taste a bit funny...

    MJ: No, I make toast sailors.

  7. Doesn't Piggy use Tazzy's sleeve?

  8. It just all seemed to fit together.

    Thank heavens, you had me worried for a while there.

  9. When I think of IVD I think of doileys , I bet the butter dish is placed on a doiley .
    I imagine Piggy probably drags his ass accross the carpet , little legs going ten to the dozen.

    I am guessing the dream means you fancy a poached egg but are too lazy to make one

  10. I imagine Piggy probably drags his ass accross the carpet , little legs going ten to the dozen.


    And agrees about doileys.

  11. MJ: I always thought so.

    'Petra: Well, you had me worried!

    BEAST: There's nothing to be ashamed about in using doilies. They are essential for preventing the Royal Doulton from scratching the occasional tables.

    Any dream where I eat eggs is a nightmare. A nightmare, I tell you!

    * laughs along with MJ at BEAST's most amusing observation about Piggy *

  12. Dear Mr De Vice,
    Perhaps you just fell asleep with the movie playing and just thought you were part of the story!

    Subliminal involvement in fantasy is not that unusual

    Now where is my pumpkin coach?

    Luv Princess XXX


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