Monday, 23 November 2009

Wishing and a hoping...

No, not wishing for a new man/warlock/incubus. No. I'm wishing for a new broom. I'm quite taken with this one featured in this week's Occult Express.

It's quite expensive, but it's a Clawhammer, so reliability is guaranteed. And just look at those sleek lines! What do you think?


  1. Did you win the UK's best new hoe test?

  2. Tim: That old hoe's been rode hard and put away wet.

  3. Yes, I'd like to find out who is the UK's best ho! I assume Mary Poppins is in the running--she did steal that rich Austrian captain from a baroness, all while dressed up as a nun moonlighting as a babysitter.

    Do you get to test ride the brooms for hardness and comfort? Hope you get one that fits right and gives you a riding thrill!

  4. I thought the Nimbus 3000 was all the rage.

  5. You would look much more glamorous astride a dyson

  6. Tim: Why? Are you thinking of taking a ride?

    MJ: Well, I will be if Tim has anything to do with it. He seems quite keen.

    Eros: Oh, Poppins is always in the running. She's one of the ho-iest hos that ever hoed.

    'Petra: That old tub? It's hardly the last line in luxury and taste.

    BEAST: Upright or cylinder?

  7. Unlikely.

    In answer to any of your questions.

  8. I don't know anything about brooms but ask me anything about the Givenchy spring collection.

  9. Off-topic but I’ve had yet another dream about you.

    In the dream, England is connected to Ireland by a cobblestone street that has iced over.

    You and SP are skating to Ireland and I’m beside you sliding on my arse all the way.

    When we reach Belfast, I come to a stop at a tiny lane called “MJ Street”.

    Why am I dreaming of you so often?

  10. I suppose he just has that effect on people, MJ.

    Once I had an impure dream of IDV. This was before SP was a permanent fixture though. It was most surprising.

  11. A Psychiatrist writes .
    Re Miss MJ's dream : in my opinion documents a complete mental flux and will require the deranged baggage to be sectioned immediatly for all our saftey

  12. Oh bugger! forgot to go anonymous that time

  13. I would like a second opinion.

  14. My goodness that broom is just splendid! Fitting for your flights of fancy. you must have it.

  15. Tim: Don't you want me?

    'Petra: How low are the hem lines?

    MJ: Another one? Goodness, I thought I'd switched the voodoo off - I must have accidently left it on full blast!

    'Petra: Good surprising or bad surprising?

    BEAST: Forgot? It seems you might be sectioned with her.

    'Petra: Indeed.

    MJ: A second opinion? OK: No, sliding on your bum on ice will not make it smaller.

    Snooze: I must, mustn't I? I can't afford it, but what the hells, eh?


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