Sunday 8 November 2009

Cusp Trek: The old black & white talkie

Testing... Testing...

Ah, good. The continuity buffers are up to speed.

Right. Don't get your hopes up for much happening here. I've only posted this for continuity purposes. Nothing much happens in the first one, anyway - It's just to set the scene.
And the scene is this: It's someone's birthday on Tuesday, so be sure to pop back then for a journey over the Cusp...


  1. Exciting indeed. I wonder whose birthday it is?

  2. Is it RuPaul?

    *Starts packing for trip over the cusp.*

  3. BEAST: Ooh, I hope so!

    Tim: Why, I can't imagine. You'll have to wait until tomorro-

    Dammit! Eros has given it away.

  4. Yay!

    *packs sparkly pink dress and diamanté stilettos*

  5. *wonders if he'll clash with Ru Paul and packs black Gucci mini dress and thigh high black stiletto boots with diamanté detail on heel and back*


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