Thursday, 2 July 2009


One of the things I've been up to is spending, spending, spending! Not on clothes, socialising*, food or Car (even though it needs it), but at that institute of Smug Marriedness: The Garden Centre.
Not a weekend (nor even a weekday in some weeks) has gone by without a purchase or twelve at these hallowed hubs of horticultural heaven.
Accordingly, my bank balance has gone from a healthily glowing black - somewhat like the eyes of a feeding vampire - to nearing the deranged red hate of those of a freshly castrated demon.

Immolation DeVize's scarily accurate Counselor Troi eyeing up Picard's jugular
(boobs and hairpiece not his own)

I think it'll be worth it though. Just look at these before and after photos:

Before (from 02/05/09)

After (from 29/06/09)

I'll put some more up at the end of summer once everything's become established and filled out.

Anyway, there was a little something to be going along with. I'll try and post again soon. I may even have time for a quick skip around the blogs. See you out there!

* skips off *

* CRASH! tinkle *


* resolves never to skip wearing SP's flip flops again and hobbles off nursing a scraped knee *

* This doesn't happen often anyway. SP and I both loathe going out, much preferring an evening in with wine, crap TV** and Moom.
** SP likes the crap TV, such as Police Chase 9, Britain's Got Talent and Ground Force. I prefer more highbrow fare such as Being Human, Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy.


  1. Very nice job on the garden. Clearly you're an expert at hoeing.

    All your hard work shows beautifully.

    Is that the dog in the 3rd pic from the bottom?

  2. I really like what you've done with it - that bin in the second to last picture is just wonderful!

    And I second Eroswings' question: is that the mythical Moom?

  3. Why, thank you, Eros. Very nice of you to comment on my ho-

    Hey! Wait just a second. That wouldn't be a veiled insult, would it?
    Oh, what am I thinking? Of course it's not. You're far too much of a gentleman for that kind of thing. Tim, on the other hand...

    Yes, that is indeed the mythical Moom!

  4. I'm not much of a horticultural person but that looks really nice!

    So that's what you've been doing. Would you really rather be doing that than blogging?

  5. Excellent garden . You are the Charlie Dimmock of Norwich!

  6. No, seriously - I love what you've done with the bin. Are you going to get more?

    Your garden must be the talk of the town.

    Notice I said town there, not city.

  7. That is a super number one sexy smug married garden!

    Me likes! Glad things are still going well with SP!


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