Saturday, 4 July 2009

Stolen Scirocco

Between six and seven in the morning, someone broke into Tim's parents' house specifically to find the keys to his Big Bro's car. It looks like it was a professional job - that they'd scoped the house out and took every precaution against leaving any identifiable evidence. And when they found the keys, they took it.
There aren't many of them around in this colour - with the DSG semi-automatic gearbox and a full black cloth interior, registration number LM58 NNC. It's been his pride and joy for the last three months, and on 2nd July it was stolen.

If you see this car, please report it to the police immediately.

Please click the link at the top to go to Tim's original post about this theft, or click here.

With any luck, the now cursed (and hopefully pox-ridden) scum who stole this car will be caught, and the car reunited with it's rightful owner.

Keep your eyes peeled! And, thank you.


  1. That's awful! I hope they catch those miserable bastards!

    I'll pass on the word.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Piggy and Tazzy5/7/09 19:22

    *Brrrrrrrmmmmm. Brrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm*

    *Hurtles down the motorway*

    *windows wide open*

    *breeze in the hair*


    *Parp, parp on the honky horn*


    *in a Renault Scenic, not a Scirocco, I might add*

  4. I've looked but I haven't seen it.


  5. Eros: I hope they're hung, drawn & quarterd- I mean, caught, too.

    Tim: My pleasure. I hope it works.

    P&T: " *Hurtles down the motorway* "

    In a Renault Scenic? Are you sure?

    'Petra: Did you look down the back of the sofa?

  6. Anonymous2/8/09 21:36

    The exact same thing has just happened me! My blue scirocco was taken in the same way.


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