Wednesday, 22 July 2009


This is just a fleeting visit to let you know of a new link in my sidebar, under the title: These are a few of my favourite things... And the link takes you to Will Giles' Exotic Garden here in the fine city* of Norwich, Norfolk. I've also added Will's blog to my Flying Monkeys.

Before I moved in with SP - when bitter Spinsterhood had almost claimed me for eternity - I used to live just down the road from Will's wondrous garden and spent many a Sunday afternoon poking around in the lush jungle. Now however, Smug Marriedness has thwarted many attempts at visiting despite only being three miles away. I do have high hopes of dragging SP there this Sunday, though.

Here are a few photos I took whilst visiting the garden last September:

Of course, you should click the links to see better photos than mine...

* Despite Tim's claims to the contrary, Norwich IS a city.


  1. Wow, those pictures make everyone look tiny!!

    Have fun in the undergrowth.

    (and: no it's nooooooot)

  2. Everyone *IS* tiny!!

    (it so is)

  3. Oh, fantastic fotos! Very vibrant and lively! What do they do with the bananas when they're in season? Do you get to pick them and eat them?

    "poking around in the lush jungle" that's what they call it in England!

    What a lovely place to cruise! Lots of places to hide!

  4. The red flower thingy is pretty

  5. Did you offer to trim anyone's bush?

  6. It makes one itch to do a bit of frenzied hoe'ing :-)

  7. Flowery pics all over the place.

    Fucking poof.

  8. Eros: Sadly, the bananas don't seem to come to anything - I don't think it's consistantly warm enough for them to ripen properly.

    As for the hiding places, I don't think I've found them all yet!

    'Petra: The red flower thing is actually a bromeliad - A Bilbergia, if I'm not very much mistaken. Those rosettes of leaves do look like flowers, though.

    MJ: I think I'd need industrial shears for some of those bushes!

    BEAST: Why, you absolute rake!

    P&T: Oh, how I've missed your thoughtful and sensitive way with words.

  9. It's so pretty

    but I'm not big on flora and fauna


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