Monday, February 09, 2009

Items of Interest: Classier than an ashtray

Hello, and welcome to another edition of

Items of Interest

Yes, the game show where I either can't be arsed, or have no time to write about anything else, so it's left up to you, the undiscerning viewer, to guess what inane object from Castle DeVice I've posted this time. I realise the previous sentence should have had at least one full stop in it, but, quite frankly, I couldn't be arsed to go back and amend it.

Anyway, on with the show. What, dear viewer, is this:

Now then, I'm off to SP's but I'll be back at some point tomorrow. And if you're really unlucky, Wednesday, too. I might even take it upon myself to visit some of your blogs that I've neglected for so long as I feel really out of the loop.


  1. It's your pap smear.

  2. Is it the wormhole from Deep Space Nine?

    And when you move out, will you be posting from Castle SP? That needs a bit of a rethink - it sounds like a crappy electric car...

  3. It's pretty, I like that shade of blue. Let's it the intestines of a marble?

  4. easy

    It's one of those hideous glass balls with bubbles in - v. popular in the 1970's.

    is there a prize???

  5. By the way, has everyone noticed how we've all of a sudden become second-tier friends?

    Note some of the terms used in this post:

    • "I'm off to SP's" suggests that his social life is more exciting than ours.

    • "But I'll be back at some point tomorrow. And if you're really unlucky, Wednesday too." Note how he tries to make us feel pleased that he'll be around, as if he's doing us a favour.

    • "I might even take it upon myself to visit some of your blogs…" And to reinforce his supposed superiority, the witch makes it sound like we should be grateful he makes some time for us in his busy schedule.

    I hope your Bajoran wormhole collapses.

  6. I think Frobi was right on the money. My father has one and stuffs his mail under it in his den.

    And yes we are first class friends dammit! We don't need charity...wait if you are looking to donate I've got a paypal account.

  7. MJ: Eww! Just no.

    Tim: I will be posting from SP's, or 'ours' as it's now known. Although SP wants to call it 'Moombase' after his dog, Moom.

    Tara: Heh heh, I love your thinking!

    Frobi: The only prize is international recognition, so if you're after something of material value, you've wasted your time. Sorry.

    Tim the Huffy: a) I don't have a social life anymore. The nearest I came was a jaunt to Pizza Express on Friday for SP's birthday.
    b) You know I'd like to do you 'a favour'.
    c) Are you jealous? You are aren't you! You've had your chance-
    Actually, who am I kidding - You still can!

    CyberPetra: Of course you're first class - I don't do second class. I'm not poor!

  8. It's a picture from one of those keyhole surgery cameras. I'm not going to guess where it was situated or I will have nightmares.

  9. URGH! Don't flatter yourself!

  10. You feel out of the loop, while someone has been playing with your hoop.

    Dirty cunt. I hope it ends up scabby.

  11. Is it a glass sculpture celebrating your now legendary warty wand created to rival the Angel of the North .Erected (ooher) at the (back)entrance of Norwich Docks to lead sailors in distress to a safe haven

  12. I always suspected his wand was warty.

    Oh, hello Beast.

  13. Check your email.

    *laughs hysterically*


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