Wednesday, 4 February 2009

A change is as good as a rest - I hope.

I'd like to say that I've had a rest, but that isn't the case. Instead, I've been rushed off my feet cleaning, clearing out and packing. You see, I will very shortly be moving in with SP. Yes, you heard correctly, I'm moving in with my boyfriend of five months. We practically live together anyway - I spend so much time at his that it's just a natural progression. My lack of time spent here at Castle DeVice should be evident from the lack of posts I've put up in the last couple of months. Well, what else did you think I'd been doing? Actually, I don't know if I want you to answer that.

Anyway, my point is, you may like to notice the small changes I've implemented here at Castle DeVice. Some additions to the links on the right, plus the updated blog rolls that show when they were last updated (if their feeds are switched on*. Hmmm? T-Bird?).
Below are three of the new links that are particular favourites of mine.

Man's Adventure

This blog by J.Bone, an artist based in Toronto, is fit to bursting with sketches and finished artwork of lip-lickingly fit men! Mostly in various states of undress. Much like Josh the hockey player here.
While I very much enjoy the subject matter, I also love his style of drawing - he makes it look so simple - and the explanations & descriptions that go with each picture.
A word of warning, though: Beware visiting the links on his blog - quite a few are not safe for work. Unless your employer enjoys seeing naked cartoon men having a stab in the dark with their absolutely enormous cocks...


I discovered this artist's blog after following a link at recently. The artist, Mark Rademaker, has been commissioned to produce images of the starship USS Aventine (the picture on the left), as commanded by Captain Ezri Dax in the Star Trek universe.
If you visit his blog, be sure to check out his gallery - There are some amazing creations, not least his space-yacht and a rather fetching broomstick!

Least I Could Do

I can't remember how I found this site, I just know that I find the lead character, Rayne Summers, inexplicably endearing.

Plus, sometimes he gets his kit off...

* I don't really know what I'm talking about. I don't know what feeds and other such technobabble are. It just sounded good. I wouldn't have the first clue to make my blog show the latest update in someone else's blog roll.


  1. Does SP know about that face you pull?

    Does he know about us?

    Will you be at least attempting to blog when you're not shagging?

    Is his bed long enough to fit you?

    I have more questions but I'll give the others a chance.

  2. Yeah, I was also wondering if you've told SP about us? Or are you keeping secrets already? HA HA!!

    And does he know you call him SP? And does he know what SP stands for? You've clearly got a lot of things to talk about.

    Now, I've heard of J. Bone - he did some work on Darwyn Cooke's version of The Spirit, I do believe.

    I'm pleased to see your infatuation with me is waning, but seriously, you're perving over illustrations now? Sheesh!

  3. MJ: Yes.

    Sort of.


    Just about.

    How very gracious of you.

    Tim: I have mentioned some of you to SP, so no secrets there. Although, I haven't shown him this blog yet - I don't think he's quite ready for it.

    He doesn't know I call him SP but I did accidently call him a sex pest today instead of text pest. Oops! Luckily, he just thought it was a Freudian slip...

    If you like J.Bone's work, you should check out his other two blogs - They're not quite so... Homosexualist!

    I've left my response to your last point over at your place.

  4. 'Other two blogs?' Why not have one for every day of the week!

    And my response: DAMN YOU!

  5. Which of us, exactly, have you mentioned to him?

    And what did you say?

    And then what did HE say?

  6. Who's going to take care of Beaky?

  7. Tim: Perhaps he has a life?


    MJ: You, naturally. Well, he did see the "Fucking in rear" postcard you sent me, so I had to explain it.
    I've mentioned Tim, T-Bird and Piggy & Tazzy to name but a few. Mainly in passing, though. Not explicitly linking them to blogging in case he asked too many questions and forced me to show him my blog.

    I must admit to being a little concerned about Beaky. I'm going to try and get the neighbours to cary on feeding and pandering to him and his nightmare wife. I only hope they haven't witnessed The Beaky's true behaviour...

  8. Tim: Btw, the "Ha!" was in response to your response, not because J.Bone has a life.

  9. If you had to explain "Fucking in rear" to him, your relationship hasn't really developed much past hand-holding, has it?

  10. Hand holding?! But... But that's physical contact! Surely that kind of thing doesn't happen until the 2nd or 3rd year into the relationship?

    Does it?

  11. Which one of your personalities is he having a "meeting of minds" with then?

    And how tall is he?

    I'll laugh if he's a short little fuck like Piggy.

  12. If you're not having physical contact, I'm assuming he doesn't know you have a front bottom.


  13. So, I think we need to establish what exactly the situation is here: what are your intentions? Are you going to get married? Have you thought about children? Have you got a long-term plan? Have you thought about joint bank accounts? How big was the dowry your parents had to put up to get rid of you? Have you gotten rid of that vile spankly orange t-shirt yet?

  14. Hurrah , we are a sordid little secret . How exciting .
    We can meet in the wee dark hours for furtive fumblings on the interwebs.
    I do think the SP should be forced to guest post so we can question him(in intimate detail) as to his intentions

  15. How exciting! Good luck on the migration and relocation.

    None of my non-cyber friends know that I have a blog. I like it that way. It's nice to have my own space.

    Will Margaret 2.0 be making the trip? And who'll be entrusted with maintaining the castle while the master is away?

    Best wishes on the move!

  16. MJ: SP meets minds with The Host and, occasionally, Audrey.

    And you can stop your laughing - He's 6'1 and knows full well I don't have a front bottom!

    Tim: Intentions: Nothing but honourable.
    Marriage: To be considered.
    Children: Shouldn't be seen or heard.
    Long term plan: I can't give away all my secrets.
    Joint bank accounts: No. I'm in charge of all finances.
    Dowry: Well, it was quite sizeabl- Hang on! RUDE!
    Sparkly orange T-shirt: Is moving in, too. It'll hibernate in the wardrobe until it's needed.

    BEAST: I don't think letting SP loose on here would be a very good idea. He might let slip some highly top secret info.

    Eros: Thank you.

    Margaret 2.0 will probably have to make her own way to our new abode - I'm certainly not having her throwing up half absorbed fertiliser in the back of Car.
    I shall have to leave the Castle to whomsoever can cope with it, secret dungeons and all!

  17. How exciting! Good for you! Congrats!

    Are you finally going to become a kept woman?

  18. Ooooh I forgot to say congrats :-)

  19. Such exciting news! I'm glad MJ asked about Beaky as I was wondering too. Now enjoy smug married-dom.


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