Thursday, 12 February 2009

A clear winner

I am pleased to announce that the winner of Monday's Items of Interest post is:

* suspenseful drumroll *


Frobi guessed correctly with: "It's one of those hideous glass balls with bubbles in - v. popular in the 1970's." At this point, I would like to mention that Tara came a very close second with: "Let's it the intestines of a marble?" Speaking of which, Betty's guess makes a very appropriate third: "It's a picture from one of those keyhole surgery cameras. I'm not going to guess where it was situated or I will have nightmares."

Frobi also asked: "is there a prize???"

No. There is not. Except to see the "hideous glass ball" in its place on the shelves of Castle DeVice:

Ah. Perhaps I should have placed it somewhere else for the purposes of the photo...


  1. Anonymous12/2/09 17:49

    Fucking hell, I'm first!

    For the first time in ages.

  2. Anonymous12/2/09 17:51

    We want to see some of the pics from the 'Tim's Penis' book!

  3. We want to see SP penis pics too.

    wv: jighost

    *kicks Piggy up the mansnatch on the way out*

  4. Piggy: Do you suppose IVD’s penis is as long as he is tall?

    No, I didn’t think so either.

  5. I don't even want to imagine Frobisher's penis.

    All those Spanish cabana boy miles on it.


  6. I am most upset I din't even get an honourable mention for the most inventive mention of a warty wand

    Oh ...hello Piggy

  7. Arrrrgh! We don't want to see any penis pics!

    Everyone might want to see 'ringlets' though…

  8. Does Beast even have a penis?

  9. Anonymous12/2/09 23:09

    MJ - Neither Beast nor IDV possess a penis. Well, they might do in a jar or photographic form, but that's as near to possessing a real one as they'll get.

    IDV has a mangina, you see. Nature being the cruel bitch that she is decided there was no need for him to develop anything else.

    Beast (oh, hello!), on the other hand probably did have a visible penis at some point in his early life. Then, sadly (for him, not us) his rapidly expanding belly obscured it from his view.

    As he couldn't see it, it became a little bit like the cat in the box - if he couldn't see it, was it really still there?

    After years of being perplexed by this conundrum, nature - once again - took care of it for him. It was absorbed into the 8th fold of his belly, never to be seen again.

    His granny used to tell him that it had replaced his belly-button.

  10. Yay, I got second place! Woot! I do really like that glass ball. It reminds me of those electrical ones where you put your and on it and the electrodes light up inside.

  11. Piggy: Whatever would they (Beast or IVD) actually do with a penis if they had one?

  12. Clearly most of those books haven't worked for you, however I would like to borrow the penis book. You don't need it anyone you have SP (Special Penis)

  13. P&T: See. That's what hppens when you aren't so slack.

    I was going to post a pic from the fold-out section in the middle, but it was too big to fit on the scanner. Sorry.

    MJ: SP penis pics are for my eyes only.

    * also kicks Piggy in the mansnatch *

    * hastily rethinks kicking MJ in the snatch for fear of never getting leg back *

    BEAST: Perhaps something a little more tasteful would have garnered a mention?

    Tim: I don't know what you're getting so upset about. It's not as if you've got anything to hide, and in your owns words it's "Huuuuuuuge. But not so it's unwieldy or out of proportion."

    MJ: See Piggy's answer.

    Piggy: I do so possess a penis!

    It's just that it's attached to Tim...

    You're right about BEAST's, though.

    Tara: If memory serves, you got second place in one of the other Items of Interest posts too. I want to see you taking first place next time!

    MJ: I'm not telling.

    CyberPetra: They may not have been successful per se, but they do have some nice pictures.
    I'll post you the penis book just as soon as I get hold of the real thing!

  14. Have you been successful yet?

  15. Did I really say that?


    Anyway! You do not possess it! Stop … just stop!

    Dare I mention the word 'ringlets' again?

  16. 'Petra: Sadly not...

    Tim: Yes. Yes, you did.

    And I'll stop. Not for any particular reason concerning *ahem* ringlets. No...

  17. Perhaps something a little more tasteful would have garnered a mention?
    Well Get you Duchess!
    and I have so got a willy , so there

  18. I think I shelved "Tim's Penis" at the library the other day!

    Hee. Dirty.

  19. Anonymous17/2/09 19:20

    Sometimes I have blue balls too...


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