Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Servicing Tim

* comes up for air *

Mwah hah hah hah hah hah hah ha-


It was all a dream. I haven't spent the best part of a week ministering to Tim after all.


* mopes *

I don't know where he is either?


  1. Just remember: dreams *can* come true.

  2. He must have sensed you were dreaming about you and ran away?

    So when will they deliver your demon box?

  3. Did you finally buy one? This is very exciting.

  4. Ooh! Demon box?!!

    Demon box!!?


  5. And I was so looking forward to the "Tim Does IVD Buggery Fest" on DVD.

  6. Maybe Tim is having a shot of Demon BotOX.

    He's not getting any younger, you know.

  7. Snooze: Yay! You're first!

    I really do hope this one *does* come true. Unlikely as it might be...

    CyberPetra: Ran away? I hope not. That would dash his image of manliness.

    CyberPetra, Dinah & T-Bird: I've nearly bought one. A work colleague gave me some sage advice yesterday, so today (hopefully) I shall be anticipating its imminent delivery!

    MJ: Maybe that's where Tim is: Preparing the set for our film?

    And attempting to disguise his crow's-feet as sparrow's-feet!

  8. I have some awesome cream that not only gets rid of wrinkles, it helps the whole bags/ dark under the eyes stuff.

    I *heart* Dermalogica. If I was a celebrity, I'd spuke their stuff to get it for free.

    Oh, my WV is stdnq. Is that some sort of a subliminal message?

  9. Tim is in hiding....perhaps under his hat?

    Come out Tim!

  10. Haha I meant to say: Come out of hiding, Tim. Not just come out...unless you're hiding in a cupboard, and then, well you're among friends.

    Well, not really friends as much as people who have sexy thoughts about you.

  11. But isn't that what real friends are, Dora?

  12. T-Birdy please elaborate, I need more info


    Soz, I can't do that neat linky thing. That's their world wide portal. The product I am talking about is called Total Eye Care (with SPF 15). It's really soothing and when you wear it under foundation, it somehow reduces the colour of undereyes.

    Like most imported stuff here, it's pretty expensive, but still afforable. It lasts for like, 6 months.

  14. You are being discussed in the comments section of my blog.

    And now, I take leave of you.


  15. MJ: Oh, OK OK. I've gone and left my mark...

    You might need some ammonia and elbow grease to get rid of it though!

    I see everyone else seems to be entertaining themselves, so I'll leave them too it. Except Dora: I wish Tim would come out...

  16. Thank you.

    End of hissy fit.

    Now get that Demon Box installed so you can visit me from the privacy of your own lair.

  17. Expect me to slap non existant boy silly for taking the Demon Box away.

    Have you got a new one yet?

  18. Dinah, really? Who's having sexy thoughts about you???

    Because I know that T-Bird is having sexy thoughts about me...I can't help it.

  19. That's right. I'm only yooman.


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