Tuesday 8 April 2008

Rrroooaaaawwwwwaaarrrrr!!! Part Two

Actually, it probably isn't that difficult to purchase a new Demon Box. It's just that I can't seem to do anything without turning it into some sort of drama.

Here's where I'd post a video of Drama by Erasure. But seeing as I can't access YouTube at work, you'll have to make do with a blank space instead.

I think I need some help because I don't really know what I need. I would ask my various Selves but Witchface is worse than useless at all this "new fangled stuff". And Cyfa's all thumbs when it comes to this "ancient technology".

I'm thinking of this. Will it do? What is Vista? Should I go with XP instead? How many megabytes does this thing need? What is a megabyte?


I'm going for another almost-cry and a gin. I expect some answers when I get back.

Just imagine the mighty H & Claire's Too Close To Tears here.

T-Bird: I'd love to be able to come back to your Herr Lipp-style comment a couple of posts ago, but alas, I can't remember enough to make it work. Instead, I'm going to go skidding off on a tangent.

I would have watched the DVD, but I don't have one of those either - The DVD player was NonExistant Boy's, too. I'm currently waiting for Indescribable to get me a new one. Although I may be waiting for some time...


* Blog skids off on tangent *


* collapses into Sparky Malarkey and utters, with rubbish German accent *

Oh, Timothy, Timothy. Mine very own Timothy. You saved my life.

I shall never forgive you...


  1. Picking out a demonbox is more vexing than trying to decide what to order from the dessert and drinks menu...

    I have an old (6 years+) Dell laptop with WindowsXP2. I need to get a new one, because ever since the Windows updates, some of my programs haven't worked right, and my computer is falling apart. Warning: Microsoft will stop supporting WindowsXP in June! They are trying to push consumers to Vista, but Vista takes up a lot of your memory and burns up a lot of your battery power!

    Now, I don't have a DVD player, but my laptop came with one. I think I can hook up my laptop to my tv and watch movies that way, but I've only watched DVDs on my laptop the few times I've borrowed DVDs. Also, my laptop can burn CDs and DVDs.

    I am considering getting a Mac laptop, as the PC laptops I'm interested in are just as expensive as the Macs. Also, I like how with Macs, I can hook up any printer and not worry about downloading any programs or incompatibilities--such as my new (2 year old HP printer that does NOT work with my laptop!!!)...

    Just write down what you want to do with your laptop, and what features you think are essential, then just look at different newspaper/online ads for comparisons.

    Best Demonbox hunting!

    P.S. That Dell 531 is a heck of lot more powerful and has more features than my laptop, and my laptop cost just over $1500 after all the gadgets and extra warranties I ordered with it 6 years ago!

  2. Just go for these 3 rules

    1. Bigger is ALWAYS better

    2. Avoid Vista, it's not called Windows Virus for nothing

    3. Avoid anything saying AMD (processor maker) i.e. buy Intel

  3. P.P.S. I like laptops for the portability factor, as I do travel away from home base a lot...but desktops are always more powerful and less expensive than laptops...so happy shopping!

    P.P.P.S Word verification: orgie ;)

    Blogger is either reading my mind or making subliminal suggestions!

    Hi CP!!!

  4. The specifics of my new computer are as follows

    Processor :Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz
    RAM: 3 GB
    Graphics card: Nvidia Geforce 8600
    Harddrive: 1 Terabyte
    Operating system: Windows Vista Home Premium

    If all you need to do is write an occational email, blog and perve around on gaydar & dirtyboyvideo.com you won't need a really powerful PC. You do however if you get something with Vista, have to obey those specifics which are horrendous not unlike the operating system itself.

    The one you found was a pretty silver

  5. Oh hello Bingowings, are you up for it then?

  6. I don't think you can avoid Vista any more, can you? I got it on my new machine a couple of weeks ago and, aside from a couple of programmes frizzling on install, it works ok. And it's very pretty, which is me sold.

    Have you not asked the learned young folk down at PC World yet? They'll happily pretend to know for you.

  7. Ugh! A PC!! UGH *vomits*

    Secondly - you don't have a DVD PLAYER?! Good god man, it's like the dark ages.

    Obviously you won't read this until later on - I expect you're down by the river washing your clothes.

    Have you thought about renaming yourself Captain Caveman?

  8. I'd have a peruse of ebuyer.com, that's where I got lappy from. And if it's got an awesome picture of Scarlett Johansson/Tim on the desktop then you're all set.

  9. CP, I'm always up for a good time ;)

  10. Cyberpete's back! Yay!

    IDV almost has a computer! Yay!

    You know, I have got quite a taste for gin myself, but really prefer a Dry Martini. Mmmm. Vodka, gin and an olive. Yum. Nice with oysters too.

    Back on track... I can't really give you any advice. I just went shopping with Dad to get mine. He picked it out and then I said 'yes! It's pretty enough!' and took it home.

    I highly recommend this method.

  11. Oh, and I would be pleasing to take you in my German mouth!

  12. I would be pleasing to spit you out of my Canuck mouth.

  13. YAY! I'm not so sick anymore T-Birdy!

    Sparkly Tim: Forgive me for saying this but... MACs are the kind of computers you give little girls who only have to find My Little Pony websites while the computer should match the pink bedroom.

    So yes, indeed IDV should get a MAC *Snickers*

  14. Are you going to bury him alive with a little tube sticking out of the ground?

    "Be seeing you next year, my very own Timothy"

    T-Bird, keep your german mouth away from that little breathing tube. You don't know what you might catch!!!!

  15. Also...ummm computers...well, I just took Tina's boyfriend and said "is this one good" and then he was all like "hell no, it's got Vista" which at the time I did think was a virus or some kind of std you can pick up.....

    Apperently not. It just sucks.

  16. It does suck. I haven't had too many problems with mine, but it is annoying and troublesome. But I don't know how to avoid Vista anymore.

    All of the cool hipster guys in my school program have Macs.

    I'm still giggling at the thought of IDV down by the river washing his clothes. Although, it's not like Tim to leave himself open (heh) to comments like that by picturing you without clothes on.

  17. Cyberpete - In my line of business ya can't avoid Macs, so I simply go with the flow! On the plus side, it's nice to have a computer that's actually easy to use, doesn't creak and groan, or look like it was designed back in the 1970s!

    Dinah - If he tried anything the clothes wouldn't be the only thing being hit with rocks!

  18. You can't really do much under the garden, though, can you Tim?

    I have something to admit: Cyberpete and Eroswings suddenly became sexy personalities the minute they both starting sprouting out information about computers.

    It's awesome when people know so much about something that it is bamboozling.

  19. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and advice.

    Except you, Tim.

    * bashes Tim over head with club and drags him back to cave *

    Unga Bunga!

  20. Um Bongo, Um Bongo, They drink it in the Congo.
    The python picked the passion fruit, the marmoset the mandarin.
    The parrot painted packets, that the whole caboodle landed in.
    So when it comes to sun and fun and goodness in the jungle,
    They all prefer the sunny funny one they call Um Bongo!

    *bitch-slaps IDV, then crushes him with PC*

  21. Haha! There's a whole lot of captain caveman going on here.

    What's Um Bongo?

  22. It's a drink. Apparently they drink it in the congo.

  23. And I imagine if they drink enough, they do the conga!

  24. Tim: If that's the actual commercial song or something like that

    then it's very sad you know it all

  25. Not quite so sad if I cut and pasted it from another website, eh?

  26. I think it makes me keeeewl.

  27. oh well, that's not what I was thinking but never mind that

  28. IDV you totally need to come back and sort all this out.

  29. I'm so glad my plague is gone and I'm able to follow your blog again. The comments were very informative. Not just in learning that your readers are indeed insane [but charmingly so], but I learned a lot about computers! Best wishes IDV in getting a model that works for you.

  30. I hope I am more charming than insane...

    oh, who am I kidding?

  31. Right - where are you and Tim? Have you finally kidnapped him?

    Is he is in a hole in your garden shed? Are you lowering lotion in a basket to him?

  32. This mutual absence is very suspicious...

  33. What if they were one and the same!?! Like maybe a result of a transporter accident! Or a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde thing going on? Just how many people can the IDV's body take?

  34. Eroswings: He's taken a whole fleet of sailors up there and then had room to spare.


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