Friday, 1 December 2006

Don't ask

Right. That's enough of that! The Host is becoming insufferable. To make matters worse, we got ogled by a Gayer in a Renault Clio the other morning. Honestly...

It just wasn't the same, though. Miss T was right, Porsche Man™ is a Fuckwit!

Anyway, must dash (or beard), as we've got loads to do. The least of which is to brush up on our 'Meeting Minor Celebrities Etiquette'. You see, we're going to the opening of an eminent radio personality's new kitchen & extension on Monday, which is being opened by, none other than Adam Rickett (who just happens to be in Panto here in Norwich). Don't ask. I'll reveal all, so to speak, next week.


  1. Anonymous2/12/06 06:56


    Just keep posting photos of yourself, IDV. I'm sure a Porsche man will come your way!

    Or maybe in that alley you've all been talking about!

    And oh! Looking forward to tales of the kitchen opening!

  2. Anonymous2/12/06 06:57

    Could I use any more exclamation marks?

  3. Anonymous2/12/06 12:22

    Adam Rickett. Always sounds like an 18th century disease to me...

    "Oo-arrr, he's got Adam Rickett!"

    Here's some exclamation marks from me:


  4. I'm so jealous! I actually know who that is! Which doesn't always happen with minor celebrities of another country!

    I can use exclamation marks too!


  5. Anonymous2/12/06 15:33

    Oh, Madam Rickett. Poor little misguided twink that she is. One of those people who should come out, even if straight (and god knows, that's not very likely). Wants to be a Tory MP, no less. I'd stick to the nude pop video making and occasional foray into Corrie.

  6. Anonymous2/12/06 23:36

    Ive met Adam - hes sweet and slightly sexy - but he was kind of nervous. Ill see if I can find my photos - very dull Im afraid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! Plus 2 more for luck!!


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