Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cannot be arsed

Because I simply cannot be arsed to think up and write a post of my own, I give you "10 Questions we ask everyone" by the good people at heat magazine (they don't appear to have a website so have a look here to see what they're about).

WHERE DID YOU WAKE UP THIS MORNING? Sadly, in my own bed. Alone.

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Last week while watching The Core. The bit where Serge got crushed to death in one of Virgil's compartments and Josh was shouting at Bec to open the doors.

WHAT WAS THE LAST LIE YOU TOLD? Ooh, I can't remember. Really. I try not to lie - I endeavour to either mask the truth or omit vital information so as to still be telling the truth, just not all of it. Hmmm... I guess this morning at work would count, when the woman who sits diagonally opposite me came in with a new hair do and I said "I like the way your hair is layered at the front", without saying "Oh Christ! I can't believe you paid for that! What have you done? It's hideous!"

APART FROM YOUR HOME AND CAR, WHAT IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE THING YOU'VE EVER BOUGHT? Well. I haven't bought my home (yet), but I have bought my car (the broom doesn't count - it's the witch's, not mine [the Host, in case you hadn't realised]). Other than a holiday to Corfu in 2002, I think it would have to have been on a statuette of Great A'Tuin the star turtle, complete with the four obligatory elephants, topped off with the Disc. If I remember rightly, I spent about £200 on it. A long time ago, I hasten to add.

WHAT DO YOU DISLIKE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF? My lack of confidence/inability to make a decision/laziness.

WHEN WERE YOU LAST NAKED IN FRONT OF ANOTHER PERSON? Eeeek! Far too long ago! Probably last summer when I was going out with my then boyfriend (who I actually resisted calling my boyfriend - I said we were just 'dating'. What a twat, eh?). Although, I was practically naked this morning while swimming as my tiny shorts leave little to the imagination!

WHAT'S BEEN THE MOST EMBARASSING MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE? Now, this I really can't remember. I have an amazing ability to wipe out any embarassing incidents that have happened to me. Thank Goodness!

WHO DID YOU LAST RECEIVE A TEXT FROM AND WHAT DID IT SAY? "He did the washing up. Most of it, actually, as I was on the phone!" from my friend Claire after she had me and four others around for dinner. One of the others was a male 'friend' of hers who we'd heard about but hadn't met. I had previously sent her a text saying I noticed his car was still there when I drove past and wondered if she had 'enjoyed' herself!

EVER BEEN CHATTED UP BY ANOTHER BLOGGER? (The question actually mentions 'celebrity', not 'blogger', but I didn't think that counted. Although, feel free to answer with any celeb chat ups). No. Although Toby, Imogen's stand in, was very friendly! I think I have a small crush...

IF YOU WERE INVISIBLE FOR A DAY, WHAT WOULD BE THE FIRST THING YOU'D DO? Go stalking Pete. Hopefully, in this heat, he'd have the day off and be doing his garden. Topless. Mmmmm...

There. That's that. If anyone would like to do their own version, please help yourself. I can't be arsed to tag anyone hence the title...


  1. Oops; since there are two copies of this I'm not sure which one to comment at, but I'll go for this one and hope you don't delete me when the time comes.
    On the Wikipedia page, Heat actually has the words "Golly gosh!" printed on the front cover, and I have to say I do love that. A little. Not enough to ever buy a copy.

    I'm going to steal this, I think- it's not like I've a job or uni to entertain myself with anymore.. But that'll be after a quick flick through your dusty back catalogue- and my own, actually- for Toby flirtations.
    But he's all set to become a regular feature.

  2. Oops.. I did accidently delete you - I hadn't realised I'd got a comment when doing so. I took the liberty of some copy & pasting.

    At one point there were six copies of this. Shitting Blogger!

  3. Cmon.....Most embarassing moment? Unwipe those memories!

  4. This certainly cleared something up - I was wondering who was writing, because your last post also looked like it came from The Host. Interesting lives you have going on there.

  5. --"Go stalking Pete"--

    I'm too lazy to click on the link, so originally I thought "the gardener from Desperate Housewives... mmmm." Then of course I realised there is no gardener callled that in Wisteria Lane, and gave the day up as a loss.

    That'll learn me for laziness, won't it?

    And I woke up on the bathroom floor this morning after a rough night, so.. I think I'm slightly jealous of your response to No1.

    T x x

  6. I_B: No, really. I think it's a survival mechanism. I'm sure if I remembered some of the stuff I've done or had done to me, I'd die of embarassment.

    Qenny: Yes. They were both by me (the Host)! You'd think it'd be interesting, but I can assure you, it's just bloody irritating. And crowded.

    Toby: Be learned! Have you clicked yet?

    Oh, poor love. At least you didn't sleep in the bath, arms and legs at weird angles, neck crooked and your temple squashed against a tap. Hope you feel better now?

    Love, IDV xx

  7. I did click the Pete link. "Are you an X-Man or something?" I'm glad you sorted that out!

    Oh and yes, you should go and stalk Pete....

  8. My most embarrasing moment. I've been tempted to do a post on this but it's really very embarrasing.
    Makes the Peewee Herman scandle seem like childs play. Actually, that was childs play wasn't it?

  9. I got to the Tiny Shorts bit and retched. You owe the internet cafe a new keyboard.

  10. Well, I got to the Tiny Shorts bit and had an entirely different reaction. And I think I am beginning to sort out this Host business too! Woohoo!

    And I loved the X Man comment from Saucy Pete as well...

  11. I imagine you in your incredibly short shorts showing the outline of a vagina.

    Hairless it is too.

  12. Good grief is this blog still going? :)

  13. I cried yesterday watching EastEnders. Go ahead, laugh.

    I read Heat magazine. Go ahead, laugh.