Monday, 17 July 2006

Lead balloon

Well. That went down like the proverbial lead balloon.

See, that's what I get for leaving the Host's Subconscious in charge for a few days. I won't be doing that again soon.

On to more important things...

Oh. There aren't anymore important things. However, there is an important thing coming up. The next post will be the 100th. I must think of something special to do. That may take a while, so you may just have to put up with me visiting your Blogs and not updating this thing until that flash of inspiration strikes.

Failing that, you could always give me some suggestions for a 100th post. Although, I'm toying with the idea of doing a theme/special for 101 rather than 100. You know I like to be different. We'll see...

Anyway, answers on a postcard to the usual address.


  1. yipeeeee im 1st haa haa ive beaten MJ and the boys

  2. Drunken video karaoke.

  3. Myabe you could teach us how to walk in the rain without getting wet? I haven't forgotten you see- although it's not exactly a pressing issue at the moment.

  4. I'm with Frobi on that one. But they have to be nekkid pics.

    Prefers being beaten by Midget Arse to first place than by Piggy.

  5. Midget: I'd give you a prize but I'm fresh out.

    Spike: Being a practised drinker, I never get drunk. And as for karaoke: That's something other people do. When drunk.

    Imogen: I did that ages ago, here. You obviously had trouble accessing my Blog that day... ;)

    Frobi & MJ: They'll have to be pics of someone else, then. Unless I cut my head off? In the pics that is, not in real life. It stings a bit, cutting ones head off. As for the nekkidness - thankfully there aren't any of me!

  6. you could hide behind a broom . . .

  7. Okay. Nekkid parody karaoke with Hasslehoff pasted in. No-one would forget that.

  8. Anonymous19/7/06 11:15

    Oooh! And to think the Host's Subconscious stole the opportunity of writing the antepenultimate entry before the 100th one!

  9. Oh my, how very embarrassing!

    I'll give it a try when summer's over and report back, shall I? Not being one for being easily distracted, I'm sure it'll be simple.

  10. 100 is too common, too common indeed. I suggest a celebration for 101 1/2. Formerly shiftclick here, now Runemeister...

  11. You could put together some kind of treasure hunt that leads from website to website linked by links until we get to the ultimate/final website.

    You provide us with clues to work out which link to click on.

    But the final website better be worth while!

  12. Ickle is on to something. Then maybe at that final website we'll have pictures of you nekkid behind a broom. Perhaps something with a bit of a milkshake? :)

  13. I vote for what Ickle and Cyberpete said.

  14. I'm liking your idea, I_B. Sounds like hard work but I may just do it. However, you know how lazy I am, so it may not come to pass. Although if Cyberpete & Miss H are anything to go by, it looks like a popular idea.

    Hiya Runemeister! Nice to have you back x

    Spike: * shudder *

    Qenny: Wha... ?

  15. Nah it wont be hard work, only 3-4 sites otherwise no one will do it!

    Go onnnnnnn!

  16. Anonymous22/7/06 15:17

    I'm sorry. Any excuse to use the word antepenultimate. Same goes for carminative.

  17. What Miss Haversham said.


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