Monday, 10 July 2006


I lay back and close my eyes, feeling the beat pulse through me. Soon I am suffused with white. It is intense and rushing through me, almost blinding.

The pulse becomes a steady thrum and through it I see gold. It flashes through my body from head to toes, glancing from impulse to impulse. I can barely make it out but I know it is there. I know it charges me.

I am soaring through myself. Finding those places I have never been that are so familiar.
I wonder what can be seen in me.

Harshly awoken, I blaze sapphire blue. My gaze soon turns red. A scarlet raging storm, lashing out and burning, twisting, incinerating into the outside. But just for a moment. Just for a moment.

It is soon covered. I turn into myself once more.

And disappear.

Not for this world.

Not yet.


  1. Hmmmm. This will be an interesting one. Please follow up on it - I'd love to hear what happens next!

  2. This sort of thing takes me back to the Isle of White festival back in the 1960's.

    I don't do acid anymore.

    They give me pills in a small cup.

    I've no idea what they are.

  3. Are you still having flashbacks, Tickers?

  4. Anonymous12/7/06 13:18

    See, I can't tell if this is another post from The Host, and he's been "experimenting with drugs", or it's a fairly standard IDV one. Ah, the fun, the confusion.

  5. Actually, this post's from the Host's Subconscious and no drugs were harmed during it's making.

    Although an excess of alcohol was consumed afterwards. The four of us are still feeling the effects...

  6. >>Not yet<<

    I have to know what happens next! Cue obsessive thrice daily update checks.

    I hope the alcohol poisonings worn off now?

  7. I try to avoid drinking and sunlight.

    Well, sunlight.

    Like the concept... high.



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