Saturday, 30 November 2019

The Ms Scarlet Approach

 OK.  So "another few days" turned into almost three weeks.  And I'm not going to apologise for our absence again as it appears that you've been getting along perfectly well without us.
Hooray!  We don't have to blog that often anymore!
"Hooray"?  You lazy little git.
Oh, shush.  You're just miffed because nobody missed you.
 Actually, I rather like this less regular 'Ms Scarlet Approach to Blogging' as it frees up time for other things.
Mainly watching telly...
Do Netflix and BBC iPlayer count as telly?
 Creative things, actually!  Although, the fact that I haven't actually created anything of note yet is neither here nor there...
Oh, get on with it!
 Right.  Yes.  Getting on with it.  Here are some photos from this morning's perambulation along the promenade to be going along with:

The view east from the Coast Road-end slipway

White Horses

Some rather moist groynes






Leaving it all behind

 I will attempt a blog catch up to see what you've all been up to lately a bit later on.   Bye for now!


  1. I have missed all that spume! You must have been covered in it. Jx

    1. Absolutely drenched, Jon. Absolutely drenched.

  2. Tsk. I will be back next week. I have missed everybody and would now like a bit of normality.
    I am rather taken with your images of exploding flotsam and jetsam.

    1. Normality is so comforting...

      Those Splash! Crash! Smash! photos came out much better than I was expecting. I might not replace Camera so soon after all.

  3. Ooh, that looks like a very cold seaside!
    Sometimes, I can see big white horses galloping across the beach and if I squint I can imagine the Camargue...

    When you're out and about, trawling the blogs you can probably skip mine as I've been mired in other "things" for weeks.

    1. It *was* very cold. And then I rounded the bend and was hit by the (almost) blazing sun - I had to take my coat off!

      Your weeks sound like mine have been. I hope you can unmire yourself, however briefly, soon.

  4. I was at the littoral yesterday, sadly no salty spume caking my face, it's surprising how many people you see plodding along wearing shorts in 6°C and without wearing any teeth, this was at Ravenscar.

    1. How disappointing. Although, perhaps its for the best - the toothless might have been on day release from the Ravenscar Secure Hospital?

  5. Oh is that what a white horse is.
    Nice to see you back. Your readers who are witches know all about how you spent the weeks of course and you needn't say anything more. Disgusting. It's legal but not nice in company.

    1. Which is why I prefer to be on my own... ;)

  6. I feel that you are taking the Ms Scarlet approach a little too far, though I understand that you are probably busy writing the blog award post, which I am looking forward to immensely - so much so that it is possibly going to be the highlight of my year. No pressure.

    1. Yikes! The Coven Awards!!

      I mean: Yes. You're exactly right. I was extremely busy with the Coven Awards. Extremely busy. And now I'm off to do some other completely unrelated busy stuff. Nothing to do with the Awards which are so nearly finished as to be practically complete. Umm...

  7. It's all gone very quiet around here.

    I've been waiting patiently for a pre-Xmas shag or two! Jx

    1. Here I am! No shags, unfortunately (all down to a dislocated groyne - which will be revealed in the next post!)


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