Sunday, 10 November 2019

Sleeping With the Enemy

  Oof!  Here I am!

  Apologies for taking off without leaving a note.  I thought I had, but by the time I realised I hadn't it was too late to go back in time to ensure that I had because there isn't one now.  And there would be one if there had been time.  Which there wasn't, otherwise I wouldn't be telling you this.

  Anyway...  Back to the post at hand.

  Despite what the title implies-
I think the Host came up with it?
  Don't look at me!
Well, your irritating little SubC, then.
How very dare y-  Oh.  Actually, it was me.

  Anyway...  Despite what the title implies - whoever came up with it - I was not sleeping with the enemy.  I was sleeping with the Monster Under the Bed.*  Well, not in that sense - I was on top. 
  Which makes it sound like I was sleeping with it in that way.  I wasn't.  By "on top" I mean I was on the bed, while the monster was under it, as is traditional in these matters.
  Anyway, its gone now.  I managed to get it on the NightShip a couple of evenings ago.  I've been clearing up the drool and half-eaten carcasses from under my bed ever since, which is partly why I haven't been around lately.

The Monster Under the Bed
Awwww... Just look at its cute little chitinous claws, and those adorable, puppy-dog-eating eyes!


  Plus, I have been caught in a downpour of ideas, so it may be another a few days before I shake them all off and pin them down.  They're mostly Star Trek ideas, so nothing you'd be interested in, I'm sure.
  Although, there is that Panto to see to...

* A refugee from Hallowe'en...


  1. Are you in the gin again? I told you about the rot gut stuff.

    1. Nary a sniff, Maddie.

      Although, perhaps the lack of gin is the problem...?

  2. I think your pumpkin has sprouted legs.
    THE PANTO!!! YES!!! Is THIS the title?


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