Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Fireworks on the First Day

 Poor Camera.  I think I was asking too much of it to get up before sunrise and take some snaps before dawn broke, as these somewhat blurry photos illustrate.

 Then, later on, these fireworks on the pier also vexed Camera.  To be honest, Camera's not great in the dark, and these were taken from up by the lighthouse.

Cromer town, not fireworks

Ah.  There they are.  Time for some close ups

 Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!!! May it be sparkly and bright!!! And I hope it's bursting with fun and explosive happy bits.

  2. I heard, but did not see, any fireworks in the neighborhood last night. Thank you for the nice fireworks pix!

    Happy New Year Mr Device!

  3. Unfortunately, we get a bit blasé about fireworks around our abode - they seems to start with Diwali, go on through Bonfire Night and continue through Xmas, NYE and beyond... And it's always a case of "hearing, not seeing much". That's why we turn to the trusty old Auntie Beeb for our New Year celebrations. Jx

    PS great photos, btw!

  4. I think Camera did a perfectly fine job, especially the moody, early morning shots.

    On tot he rest of the year.

  5. That's look a lot like the fireworks here about an hour after the pork and sauerkraut.

  6. Didn't hear a thing here. Mind you, they are banned here, but it's never stopped anyone before!
    So, than k you for your little show.And may this year be a cracker for us all,

  7. The morning blue sky is gorgeous! And the fireworks captures are spectacular over Cromer.

    Coincidentally, I just saw a Dr Who episode (during the Dr Who marathon), where the first Dr meets the 12th Dr, and some British military officer mentioned he was from Cromer! If I hadn't read up on your posts and seen the pictures, I'd've thought Cromer was made up!

  8. That is a gorgeous shade of blue. I have a sneaking suspicion that Cromer *is* made up, out of the spare bits of seaside town left over from Cabot Cove!


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