Saturday, 24 November 2018

Gorgeous Moon Spume

 Before I get around to writing up my trials before the Gingerbread Board, here are some photos from last weekend's foray onto the beach. Back when the skies were clear...

 The first lot, with the pink sky and Moon, are from Saturday, while the second lot with the blue sky and seagulls are from Sunday.

A distant Cromer Pier

Overstrand beach huts with the Moon over Sidestrand

The Vos Gorgeous keeping its distance from a spume splattered, and very moist groyne...

Back at Château DeVice: the Moon from the Smallest Room


The Groyne at the End-of-the-Line

Beyond the End-of-the-Line

Gulls over Not The Devils Tower

Looking back



  1. Ahhh...I do love your coastal pics.
    I might find a couple of pics of my wee bit of coast line...I think The Man snapped a couple.I was actually swimming so couldn't use a camera.

    1. Does this mean there might be pics of you in the sea?!?

  2. The spume must be the result of Binging Ben (I'm obsessed).
    Gorgeous photos as always.
    Looking forward to hearing how you performed under scrutiny.

  3. The pink skies - morning and evening - at this time of year (when it's not drizzling, which it has been today) are rather lovely. Treasure them while they last, as we'll very soon be in mid-mid-winter, when everything's dark all the time... Jx

  4. Friday night at the football game, I saw the most beautiful big-ass orange harvest moon rising on the horizon. It became smaller and silvery as it arced into the inky blue sky.

    1. Oh! I saw it, too! It rose above the building across the road from where I work like a giant pumpkin.

  5. I love the pink skies.... Jon is right, it's getting so dark all the time now. I've been meaning to go for a walk at pink sky time, and now I've probably missed my opportunity due to the rain forecast for the foreseeable future.

    1. Bah! Darkness and rain. Still, at least it's not freezing temperatures and country-stopping snow. Yet.


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