Thursday 1 February 2018

Vestiges of a Blue Moon

Last night's Super Blue Blood Moon
(I was too late to get the bloody red hue)
  I wouldn't normally publish two posts in one day- 
You might say such an occurrence only happens once in a blue moon!
  Anyway, since Indescribable called me after she'd dropped The Little Witch off this morning to say I should go out and photograph the setting moon, I've now got these extra photos.  I couldn't leave them until the weekend, as I've already got some beach photos that will span two posts (I know.  I'm spoiling you!) that will take up Saturday and Sunday.  And the longer I leave them, the less relevant they'll be.  Plus I'll undoubtedly have even more photos to do something with over the coming days/weeks/months, so I'll never find time to squeeze them in.

  So, here is the second post of the day: the last hurrah of the Super Blue Blood Moon as it rolled down the cliff before crushing the denizens of Cromer.  Oh, and the sunrise that was taking place opposite which lit up surges of salty spume:

Yes, I know this is wildly out of focus, but I liked it anyway.


  1. Wow! I love the contrast of the setting Moon at the beginning and the rising Sun at the end. That Moon looks huge and gorgeous! So stunning against those rugged, picturesque cliffs!

    And the Sun is so magnificent with its radiant golden rays shimmering on the waters and glittering like jewels on the paths.

    I certainly hope the people of Cromer seize this opportunity to grab a delicious piece of that huge Moon wheel. I hear the Moon is made of cheese. I hope they got crackers and wine to go with that Moon cheese.

    1. It certainly was fortuitous timing to get both the Sun and the Moon, each hovering above their respective horizons. I would have liked to have watched as the Moon tumbled down the cliff, but The Little Witch had to be taken to school, so I didn't have time to stay and take more photos.

      As for what the people of Cromer had to go with the Moon, please see my reply to Hound's comment below.

  2. Actually talking of the people of Cromer, what have you done with them?
    Lovely moon pictures x

    1. They got squashed. The Moon's pretty big and heavy, after all...

  3. Replies
    1. If it makes you feel any better, one or two of Mistress Maddie's comments have ended up in spam, too...

  4. Too much cloud here for the blue moon to make much difference. Sigh. And today was the first day in several months that I didn't have to bath the dog after his walk... the road was miraculously dry due to a stiff breeze. So... I'm going to move to Norfolk... it is now my dream.

    1. Perhaps we can set up shop together? A boutique outfit (naturally), specialising in Norfolk's calligraphic and photographic needs. We will make so much money that Sid can have his own bathing staff, and Charmaine will be able to have an attic all to herself!


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