Saturday, 10 February 2018

A Realm of Ice and Sand

The view East from the cliff-top
  As I was sitting at Computron on Thursday morning sifting through the dozens of photos I'd just taken on the beach, I realised that I do keep getting snaps of the same things. The same views of the same features from the same walk - time after time after time. However, I can't help myself as the beach here at Overstrand is so beautiful, and the changes in the weather - no matter how small - can make all the difference.
  As luck would have it, Thursday morning saw temperatures low enough so that Overstrand Beach had something different on show: Ice!
  Before you jump to the wrong conclusion, I don't mean that the sea had frozen - the temperature wasn't Canadian Winter cold - no, the ice was from the fresh water that seeps out of the cliffs and across the sand.  So, this selection of photos, while including some familiar sights, does have something different from all the other beach photos I've bombarded you with over the years. 

"Oh, it's you again.  Keep the noise down as we're trying to sleep."

What can be seen through this overgrown orifice?

Oh.  Just a big, sturdy groyne.

Better get on with the walk, I suppose...

A frosty revetment leads to...

... the End-of-the-Line!

The Groyne at the End-of-the-Line

Uh, oh.  Cut off by the incoming tide.  Better go up the beach to the lee of the cliffs where...

... freshwater seepage has frozen across the sand.

That's enough of that.  Time to head home.

Looking back.

Ships don't always pass in the night, it seems.


  Do you have a favourite walk or destination that you just can't get enough of? 


  1. The ice crystals look spectacular! Very intriguing contrast on the sands under the bright sun. The frosted revetments look fascinating. Fantastic captures. I quite like the ones of the freshwater streams making their way to the sea.

    The seaweed looks delicious. All you need now are some fish and crabs and crustaceans to make some sushi rolls. Soy sauce optional. I like nature hikes. There's been a lot of development around here. I have to drive at least ten minutes to reach a nice wilderness area or an undeveloped beach. You're lucky to have such beauty just a stone's throw away. Not that you should throw any stones, unless they're aimed at pesky, aggressive, filthy seagulls.

    1. I was very surprised to find ice down there. I would have thought the salty sand and blazing sunshine would have thwarted any ice crystal that was attempting to grow, but it seems not.
      Yes, those "river delta"-a-like streams are quite fascinating. They look for all the world like satellite photos of actual river deltas.

      It's a shame you have to drive to get to the wilds near you. Are there any parks or greenspaces within walking distance? I know they're not the same, but for a quick getaway from the "concrete jungle" if there are any, would they do in a pinch?

  2. Nice ice pix!

    Just about any place near the ocean is beautifully different and interesting each day. It was like that when I lived on Maui.

    1. Maui must have been wonderful judging by the photos you've shown us over the years. Although I don't know if I'd cope well with the temperature and humidity. How long were you there for?

    2. Almost seven years. Usually moderated temperature (82f/28c) year-round. Moderate humidity, slightly higher in the jungle. Almost always a nice sea breeze, except in September.

    3. Ug. 28c. I'd melt.
      I am curious about what happens in September, though. Perfect calm? Hurricane? Raining cats and dogs?

    4. Very calm, making it seem hotter than it really is. Most homes there do not have air conditioning, relying on the (mostly) cooling ocean breezes.

  3. I love getting my walks vicariously! And we're facing another heatwave this week (so they say) so there will not be much walking here.
    Love that seaweed pic!

    1. I guess you'll be cranking up the air con and fans, then?
      I thought of you as I was pushing Camera through those overgrown groynes!

  4. Actually you taking photos of the same things indicates your quality - a lot of gay men just have an instagram full of pictures of themselves!
    Do you ever eat the seaweed? - Once you've treated it for crabs, of course...

    1. Quality aside (thank you!), I might be gay, but I don't practice anymore, so I have plenty of time for things other than myself.
      As for the seaweed: No. I've seen the things that swim in the sea - I'm certainly not going to eat something covered in their feculence!

  5. I don't blame you for taking all these pictures - the ice ones are fabulous. I doubt my frozen mud puddles could compete. Not that it's a competition... and if it was then Mr Lax would probably win it.

    1. Shhhhhh! I can hear him readying his catchphrase!


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