Monday, 3 August 2015

Solanum Sallet

 Ug. I've been invited to a gathering, a cauldron party*, and I can't get out of it. To make matters worse, I've been given a recipe for a potion or somesuch that I'm expected to bring.

 I'd better get started as I'm due there in an hour. 

  Nightshade roots
- Hmm... I wonder which sort? Solanum dulcamara? Solanum nigrum? I hope it's Solanum tuberosa as I have a bag of Désirées that are starting to sprout...

  6 fl ℥ of sour milk from a cow frightened under a full moon - Good gods. I can't wait until 29th August to scare a cow, so ::rummages in the fridge:: this sour cream with a use-by date of 31 July will have to do. It still smells OK, and the 31st was a full moon...
  1 heaped tablespoon of an unbaptised virgin boy fat/cockerel egg emulsification - So, mayonnaise then. ::rummages in the fridge again:: And this one made from virgin olive oil is the closest to it that I've got to hand.
  Mentha longifolia, finely chopped - Ah. Horse mint. Well, I'm not going out for that now, so spearmint from the garden is going to have to do.
  Crown of Basilisk, finely diced - Well, I don't have any of that either, but I do have basil, so I'll use that instead. Dammit! I knew I shouldn't have put that newly hatched basilisk down the waste disposal unit.
  Allium schoenoprasum stems - What the- ? Oh, chives! I have these! Maybe this recipe won't be such an unmitigated disaster after all?

 Now to concoct this diabolical recipe. Apparently, it only takes half an hour or so...

34 minutes later...

 After all that, I've ended up with bloody potato salad!


* Very similar to a Tupperware party, but with less of that plasticky, stale air smell.


  1. Cauldron Party? Hey, I'm thinking Fondue Party! Add some Gruyère and Emmentaler cheese to that recipe et voilà — fondue!

  2. Anonymous3/8/15 15:53

    Pepper, salt, garlic, that red powder, cucumber, hard eggs, some pieces of cheese ? Basically anything that reached the "best before"-date ... Reminds me that I have a bag of Annabelles sitting somewhere in the kitchen.

  3. I find adding a nice finely chopped slice or two of smoked shallow fried wild boar adds to the flavour, unless of course you're feeding ravenous vegetarians...

  4. Good thinking, LX. And we can use Broom's bristles as skewers!

    That's an interesting sounding salad, Mago. Red powder = paprika?

    Princess: "smoked shallow fried wild boar" - Well, la-de-da! Hark at you.

    Actually, you are a princess so you're allowed such ostentation.

  5. Ha Ha Ha!! I live next to a dairy herd... those girls are not easily scared, so your solution was bang on.
    Thank you for making potato salad exciting.

  6. You're welcome, Ms Scarlet! It needed livening up one way or another.


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