Saturday, 1 August 2015

For Sale: Houseboy novels

A Houseboy in Wonderland,
by Charles "Jammy" Dodger
 I need to make room on my bookshelves for an impending delivery of new Star Trek novels, and after practically no wailing and gnashing of teeth, I have decided to part with some of Witchface's treasured Houseboy collection.

Hey! How very dare you! Those are all priceless first editions!

 First editions, maybe, but the only way they're priceless is because nobody in their right mind would pay anything for them! They're cheap and nasty tat that likely originated from some dire airport newsagent. 

 Oh, very well. They're free to a good home, so just help yourselves.

 As usual, click the pics for small-print magnification.

A Tale of Two Houseboys, by Charlene Dickinson

Lord of the Houseboys, by Wilhelmina Goldbug

To Kill A Houseboy, by Leigh Harper

20,000 Houseboys Under the Sea, by Julian Tangerine

Do Androids Dream of Electric Houseboys? by Phillipe K. Wang

The War of the Houseboys, by H. G. Swell

Bridget Jones's Houseboy's Diary, by Evette Fielding

The Stepford Houseboys, by I. R. Alvine

Meditations on a Crimson Houseboy, by Elita Prelock

And this is the next lot that are destined to go:
• The Wonderful Houseboy of Oz, Elle Frank-Bum
• The Houseboy in the Rye, J. D. Sorefinger
• The Houseboy of the Baskervilles, Sir Arthur Colin Doily
• The Importance of Being a Houseboy, Oscar Tame
• Lady Chatterley's Houseboy, Dalsey Hillblom Lynn
• The Houseboy Also Rises, Ernest Phlegmingway
• The Houseboy's Tale, Maggie "Rupert" Nutwood
• The Time Traveller's Houseboy, Audrey Schwarzenegger
• The Houseboys of Eastwick, Jon Downweir
• Houseboys in the Crucible, Margaret Travel Banana


  1. I know all about the War of the Houseboys. They ALL want to be the favorite. And to Kill a Houseboy? Why?

  2. I find that To Kill A a Houseboy, if strategically left laying about, keeps the Houseboys on their toes. Especially after there's been a War of the Houseboys. We wouldn't want them getting too uppity after their little victories, would we Mistress Maddie?!

  3. I'm at the stage where I don't want to read about House Boys.

    However, I will happily purchase the services of a House Boy. The Casa needs a bloody good seeing to.

  4. I know a houseboy collector in Canada who might enjoy these objets d'art!

  5. a vivid nom de plume is like a melody.

  6. It is so sad to see you relinquishing such a fine collection of houseboy classics... You don't happen to have a copy of "The Houseboy Cometh" per chance? I've been looking forward to fingering my way through that little tome for years....

  7. Ive just done your new comment verification and have just had to eat 5 plates of frenchfries, no wonder I'm putting on weight! Who knows what it will be this time...

  8. 2 scoops of icecream, I'm quite full now...

  9. If you have a word with Mistress Maddie, Roses, you might be able to secure yourself the services of a spare Houseboy. She has quite a range to choose from.

    LX: Maybe this will entice the aforementioned Canadian Collector to make an appearance?

    Norma: Any in particular catch your ear?

    The Party of Princesses: Hmmm. Let me have a look... Well, what do we have here? A tattered copy of the stage play with notes from the writer, Kneelneil O'rangepeel.

    Perhaps I'll turn the comment verification off for now, then you can work off the excess calories by fingering your Houseboy?

  10. I'm with Mr Lax... perhaps they should be donated to the infomaniac library?

  11. Well, I would donate them, Ms Scarlet, but I fear they'd just get covered in sun tan lotion...


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