Saturday, 15 August 2015

Of Brownies and Bees

Exceedingly gooey cherry shortcake brownies
(made by my own fair hand, of course)
 It was all go here on Thursday. One of my Hags had come to visit, but no sooner had we settled down to gossip with tea, coffee and homemade brownies, when we were rudely interrupted by a low, loud droning noise. In less than a minute, we could barely hear ourselves think nevermind take notice of the juicy tidbits of gossip we each were disclosing. There was only one thing for it: We had to investigate.

  Vacating the comfort of my hurriedly tidied living room, we grabbed our brooms from the umbrella stand in the hall and left the house (via the back door, naturally). A quick and low flight amongst the tree tops brought us to the cliffs and the lighthouse, and there, heading slowly along the cliff edge towards Overstrand was the source of the noise: the most enormous bee we'd ever seen!
An enormous bee at the lighthouse cliff in Cromer

 We left our brooms in a gorse bush and carefully made our way through a thicket of the spiny vegetation to follow the colossal bee. Emerging from the gorse at the cliff top, we immediately ducked back as the colossal bee swooped towards us before zooming off towards Overstrand again.

Screams of terror from over the next rise urged us on.
After all, we love a bit of carnage and mayhem!

The bee harpoons a hapless passer by with its retractable stinger
Some useless humans standing around wailing and wringing
their hands as one of their number is carried off by the bee
Having devoured its prey, the gargantuan bee flies off to its humongous hive

 And with the excitement over, my Hag and I left the scene, retrieved our brooms, and flew home to resume our gossip. Oh, and eat more cake, of course!



  1. You had me at brownies! I'm posting this for "a friend."

    1. Always happy to oblige, LX. You and/or "your friend"!

  2. bees are drawn to sweets.

    1. Perhaps we should have wiped the crumbs off our chops before we went out?

  3. Anonymous15/8/15 18:40

    You mean ... there are cherries in it ?
    Really ? *wipes drool*
    Interesting ... *slurp*

    1. Yup! Dried sour cherries - Delicious! I made these brownies with cherries and shortcake instead of pecan nuts and ginger biscuits because one of my friends doesn't like nuts.

      Would you like a napkin, Mago?

  4. I hope the cakes were protected in your absence? Never mind the bees, your cakes may have befallen a wasp attack.


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