Friday, 18 July 2014

Stalking Concorde

 This is just a quick reminder to let you all know there're only a couple of days left to cast your vote for your favourite tin foil hat. 
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 To help while away the days - and to provide imagery for this post - I tasked my tin foil creation, Silverbolt, to find and photograph that elusive creature: Concorde. I strapped my rather crappy digital camera to Silverbolt's shaft and sent it on it's way, rather like a drone. These are the best images available:

A fearsome Concorde at the Intrepid Museum, New York.
We think it's eyeing up that line of smaller planes dragons as hors d'oeuvres.

This ferocious Concorde looks like it's been shackled to the ground at Filton Airfield, Bristol (UK).
Possibly after having devoured most of the cars from that car park on the left...



  1. Oh! You have an I'm an Infomaniac bitch badge!
    I have forgotten what I was going to say now!
    Something along the lines of seeing Concorde nearly every day over Peckham Rye.

  2. Miss Scarlet's "I'm an Infomaniac Bitch" badge is a thing of beauty.

    As is her tinfoil hat.

  3. Ms Scarlet: I thought it was about time the badge was put on display. I was going to have a total blog revamp, but that's as far as I got!

    MJ: I love Ms Scarlet's caligraphy.

    As for her tinfoil hat: I cannot say. After all, I wouldn't want to show any favouritism.
    Well, at least until all the votes are in!

  4. I am getting all excited now... just in case I have won.
    I shall start drafting an acceptance speech, just in case.

  5. Ms Scarlet: I hope you finished it?

  6. I sometimes hope that the Concorde takes flight again, because I would love to have the opportunity to ride in it!

    Never mind the Concorde about to eat the little planes on the Intrepid...I'm more disturbed by that giant enema bottle next to the Concorde!

    And they really want to make sure no one takes the Bristol Concorde for a joyride. They've got that thing locked down tighter than Liz's crown jewels!


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