Sunday 6 July 2014

Flying in to Cromer

 Well, I've received the first of many (I hope) submissions to the Tin Hat and Tales Competition 2014. With it, I also received a modicum of panic as I haven't even thought about my own submission, nor, after checking the cupboards of Castlette DeVice, do I have any tin foil!

 There was only one thing for it: I had to make a trip into Cromer.

 Despite being daytime, I decided - due to the sporadic rain - to travel in on Broom, hoping that the inclement weather would keep the majority of terrestrial travellers safely under their umbrellas from where they wouldn't see me gliding majestically-
* cough cough *
 Ahem. Majestically overhead.   

Hang a left at the lighthouse...

... and straight on to Cromer.

Cromer pier and the church tower peeking out from behind the cliffs.

An umbrella-less pedestrian foils my descent...

... and I veer off over the cliff, out of sight.

Cromer town heaves into view. An unexpected crosswind momentarily keeps me from alighting on the cliff path behind an unwitting couple.

 With no cherry trees to inconvenience my landing, I made a surprisingly graceful touch-down. After hiding Broom, Hat and my flight cloak deep in a gorse bush, I walked the rest of the way into town to purchase some foil and partake of a coffee and cake in Huckleberry's.

 Right. Now that I'm home again, I'd better do something with this tin foil. And the same goes for you lot! Go on - Snap to it!


  1. Check your email for my tinfoil hat entry.

  2. These photos of Cromer are beautiful.

    I should like to take up residence in the lighthouse.

  3. Ha hah! Thank you MJ.

    I'm going to take some more photos in town when I'm next there - probably Wednesday morning.

  4. Beautiful countryside. Do the cliffs cause tricky air currents for riding?

  5. Oh. Yes. Thank you for reminding me...

  6. LX: They do, somewhat. If the wind's coming off the sea, one needs to be ready for strong updrafts. If it's coming off the land then prepare for a prickly landing in a gorse bush at the bottom of the cliff (which is why I usually walk into town).

    Ms Scarlet: Quite.

  7. There's a Morrisons?!? Ant and Dec must be so, so happy.

    It looks very naturesque in Cromer. Id be clutching my copy of the latest Vogue and be carrying bottles of Krug if I ever visit.

  8. Then you'd stick out like a sore, but very fahionable, thumb, 'Petra!


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