Saturday, 7 June 2014

Witches' thimbles

... or, A Fandango of Foxgloves!

 The gardens of Castlette DeVice are coming along quite nicely thanks to the warm (and wet) weather the North Norfolk coast has enjoyed of late. So, I thought I'd share some of my very favourite late-spring/early-summer flowers: my collection of Foxgloves.

 As well as being a highly toxic essential ingredient of a couple of my staple spells, these foxgloves are also rather lovely to gaze upon as you can see below. As always, just click the image to embiggen.

  I'm hoping there will still be some in flower when it come to 
Mistress MJ's Garden Photo Event later in the summer.


  1. Oh, very nice!

    PS: They should qualify for MJ's little garden soirée as well!

  2. Beautiful, Mr. DeVice!

    Although I prefer their alterate name..."Bloody bells."

    Tell us about that shed in the background. Are you keeping some man in there against his will?

  3. Thank you, LX!

    : Bloody Hell's bells, of course not! He and Will split up ages ago, so it's just hi-

    I mean: That's the neighbour's shed. I have no idea what goes on inside.

  4. Send these ones... she will never know... other than she's just seen them :-)
    I will be sending a couple of pics of some silk flowers, thought I'd make an effort.

  5. And you'll spare no expense too, . Silk, no less. Better than crimplene.


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