Sunday, 15 June 2014

Warning: Tin Foil Hat off the starboard bow

 So. Since the reminder I posted at the beginning of this month, it seems some of you have regrets about failing to take part in the Tin Foil Hat Compo that we hosted four years ago.
 Four years? Was it really that long ago?
 Yes, time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it!
 Sarcastic cow.

 For some reason, I am feeling uncharacteristically good natured and am thinking about hosting another tin foil hat-related competition. However, before I go to all that effort, I want to know if it will be worth my while. Will those of you who have regrets give it a go this time? And what about those of you who entered last time - Will you craft another chapeau de tin foil for the internet to ridicule marvel at?

 Just so you know what you could be up against, here are the entries from 2010's winners, Eros and Princess:

Popular Tin Foil Hat winner: Eroswings' Tin Foil Hat London Olympics

Technical Tin Foil Hat winner:
Princess's Empress-Dowager-thwarting, disco-ball'd-daywear tin foil hat

Let me know in the comments whether you'd like to have a(nother) go. Remember: You could win a prize!


  1. I will take part!
    Princess and Mr Swings have vanished.... so I may have a chance.

  2. I regret to inform you that sadly won't be able to enter the compo.

    I do hope it goes ahead anyway.

  3. Ms Scarlet: Yay!

    That's "Yay!" that you'll take part, and not "Yay!" that Princess and Mr Swings have vanished.

    'Petra: Boo!

    Hang on... How do you know you won't be able to enter? I haven't even mentioned when I plan to hold it (if I even do)!

  4. I've developed an unfortunate tin foil allergy. It's a curse.

  5. Well, I wonder which old witch you wangled that from, 'Petra?

  6. First, I want to know what the prize is.

  7. She was purple. It was a flyby

  8. MJ: I haven't decided yet. And before I do, I'll need a few more "yes"'s.
    If it helps, the prizes surely can't be crappier than the last lot: a teflon baking sheet, cocktail umbrellas and a crystal rubber ball!

    'Petra: Purple, eh? Sounds like one a recent little upstart to me. Purple, indeed!

    LX: Almost...

  9. Right then. Count me in.

  10. Yes, I once had a most disturbing encounter with a green one. Call me curious but the only green thing I've met and liked was the Green Fairy.

  11. Unless there are rules barring a previous winner from participating, you better believe I'm going to participate!

    That baking Teflon baking sheet gets used almost weekly when I'm baking or roasting! It's a fantastic and very useful prize.

  12. MJ: Excellent!

    * steeples fingers *

    LX: Excellent!

    * cackles maniacally *

    'Petra: Is that why your hands feel as soft as your face? Because of that mild green Fairy Liquid?

    Eros!: Yay!

    No. No such rules, so participate away!
    I can't believe that baking sheet is still going. Amazing!

    Ms Scarlet: Now, is that "Grrrrrrr" because a previous winner has arrived, or were you just imagining said winner in his FGES get-up?

  13. Anonymous24/6/14 23:03

    I'm in.


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