Sunday, 1 June 2014

Tin Foil Treachery

 I have recently discovered that one can search the interweb (using such institutions as Google) using images rather than words. It seems that all one has to do is drag an image to the image tab on the search page et voila! other websites hosting the same picture will be displayed, along with similar images, too.

 Imagine my surprise when I found this:

"weirdos" eh? I suppose it takes one to know one...
 The original image and post that it was attached to can be found here.

 And yes, of course I googled all most of the other original images from the blog. Somewhat disappointingly, nothing much of note appeared anywhere else unexpectedly. There were, of course, a few choice images that ended up at MJ the Infomaniac's, but those were hardly surprising.

* mutters something about MJ's 'right-click-and-save' finger being worn down to a nubbin *


  1. Oh, yes, the tin foil hat competition! What fun that was!

  2. How the hell did I miss THAT contest, sugarpie???? ;) xoxoxoxo

  3. Can we have another foil hat competition? I always regret that I felt too shy to join in.
    Wasn't Mr Swings fantastic?!

  4. I never tire of using the Hot Tub Homo photo.

  5. When's the make your own squished spider out of clay competition?

  6. LX: It was, wasn't it. Your cute llittle rabbit ear-hats were just the most adorable things I've ever seen!

    Savvy: Perhaps your kitchen was devoid of tin foil so your subconscious forbade you from visiting my blog until the compo was over?

    Ms Scarlet: Mr Swings efforts truly were Olympian!

    Maybe I will host another compo? If only to (s)quash 'Petra's idea...

    MJ: I see your nubbin doesn't hinder your commenting ability.

    'Petra: I think you'd better host that one, as it appears the next compo here is going to be tin foil related again!

  7. Another tin foil related event?

    I'd best hit the dollar store.

  8. While wearing your Tin Foil Hat, I should hope, MJ?


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