Sunday 18 May 2014

Bee swarm

 There I was, sitting at my desk reading through old blog posts, when a buzzing noise, not unlike a small aeroplane flying overhead, briefly distracted me. Initially, I paid it no heed since we live rather close to Northrepps Aerodrome and resumed my wonderment at all the instances in which MJ and Beast not only agree with one another, but also laugh at each other's comments.

 However, the buzzing persisted, even growing more strident and sounding a lot closer, so I looked away from the screen and out of the open window.


 The house was surrounded by swarming bees! I immediately thought of that hokey old film with Michael Caine in it, then that we were suffering from some sort of biblical plague signalling the apocalypse. My hand to my mouth, I checked my infernal calendar, only slightly relieved to discover that the apocalypse wasn't scheduled until 25th J-
Oh, yes, the mortals are not supposed to have prior knowledge. Sorry!
 Where was I?
 Oh, yes: abject panic!
 Immediately, I  set about closing all the windows and got the binoculars out to see if I could find Oprah Winfrey lurking in the neighbourhood directing her army of killer bees.

 By this time, the bees had tightened their swarm and were hovering over the trampoline in the garden of the house opposite (commoners), and Oprah was nowhere in sight. As I stared, somewhat enrapt, the swarm slowly moved to a nearby pine tree (obviously feeling the trampoline was a class or two beneath their social status) where they settled.

 So, now what do I do?



  1. I thought the bees had disappeared. That's what David Tennant told me on Doctor Who.

  2. Petra: What? What does he know?
    Actually, bees are disappearing.

  3. When I clicked on that link to the Northrepps Aerodrome, I saw a webcam shot of you sharing a picnic with a pensioner.

  4. I must have been drinking to have laughed so heartily at Beast.

  5. Well, he IS or was the Doctor.

  6. MJ: That pensioner was Beast. He'd just flown in on his Dyson to make the same 'drinking' excuse as you.

    CyberPetra: No to me. My doctor was Peter Davison.

    1. My first was Christopher Eccleston but Tennant and his hair was a close second

  7. The thought crossed my mind, LX, but I think I'd clash with the queen. Only one queen bee per hive!

    1. Do you mean you are the queen of the hive?

      I can see what you mean then

  8. Guess why I didn't comment on this post when I first read it????
    Yes... I was distracted by a swarm of bees, they were coming down my chimney - TRUE.
    Today is Mr Beastie's birthday, bless 'im!

  9. 'Petra: It takes one to know one.

    Ms Scarlet: More bees? 'Tis the season, it seems.

    Thanks for the reminder about Mr Beastie's birthday. I have rectified the glaring omission now.


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