Sunday, 18 August 2013

Star Trek Six: The Uniform Discovered

While I was preparing and researching the last post on my 'Stats' page, I had a look at the 'Referring URLs' section. And lo, at number six, with 131 referred pageviews, was this site:

To save you the bother of link-clicking, it appears my Star Trek uniform designs have been recognised! This is what the poster posted on 5th May 2011:

Okay, so browsing the forums this evening, I came across a reference to the U.S.S. Relativity uniform.. I'd forgotten what it looked like so I did a Google search, and came across these... 1, 2, 3, 4

Now, I don't know this person from Adam... but I really.. really like the look of the uniforms displayed.

So.. as a suggestion... would you guys at Cryptic maybe contact this guy? See if he'd be interested in working with you, or selling his ideas for uniforms in game?

There is much hullabaloo regarding the *lack* of 2409 Uniforms, and although I am aware that there is an announcement regarding the Jupiter uniform series, I feel that more options would be better.

Anyone else like the looks of these? And would anyone else like to see them in game?

Saith, and Jolan'tru


And this is the post that garnered the 131 pageviews:

Again, to save your clicking-finger from wearing down to a nubbin, here are the uniform designs - in colour! - complete with 'hideous back stripe' (you'll have to read the forum for the 'hideous' reference. Don't worry, it's only two pages):

Needless to say, I haven't been contacted by anyone from Cryptic wanting to buy my designs, or work with me in adapting them for the game.


* Jolan tru is a greeting used by the Romulans.


  1. I was impressed by your sketches the first time round and I don't usually go in for that sort of thing.

    It's possible their email to you got shunted into your Spam folder.

  2. And if turns out they're not interested after all, why not show them the design for your tinfoil hat?

  3. i'll come back tomorrow and really look, sugar. i'm tired... xoxoxo

  4. I'm thinking the tunics with the smallest patches of red would be best for the landing party guys.

  5. MJs: I hunted high and low, in spam and corned beef, but to no avail, alas.

    As for the hat, I'm hoping Guinan will pay handsomely for it.

    Savvy: I'm tired, too. I think it's the heat and humidity.

    LX: I'm thinking of changing the red to orange to try and extend their lifespan.

  6. I still think Princess could make these... and then we could all wear them and write interconnecting blog posts... Yes????

  7. Do the costumes leave room for bulges?

  8. In normal circumstances, yes. However, I may have to let them out a bit if I can manage to get Chris Pine or Connor Trinneer squeezed into them!

  9. With my skills I can probably provide inbuilt bulge spaces to satisfy any size queen darling...

    I still think they are brilliant designs Mr DeVice and i have told you that before today...

    Cryptic don't realise talent when they see it!

  10. Thank you, Princess.

    I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from Chris and Connor...


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