Monday, 14 February 2011

Remember when stalkers used to be known as "secret admirers"?

Well, be mine, Valentine!

Yeah, I know: The "secret" bit is redundant.

~ ~ ~

Post created out of lust in response to this:

Slacking, am I, Tim?


  1. damn, sugar, i am OLD! xoxoxo

  2. My My ...Someone has been busy....
    And Ahh yes I remember it well, hiding in the bushes with the telephoto lens ready for full exposure.... No wait... that was Flashing...

    Oh Hai Savvay....

  3. Ha ha! I've been hiding under your bed for the past month and you still haven't noticed...

  4. Would you like Tim to be your loofah/body mop/nylon netting shower pom pom on a string thingamie?

  5. Apparently the card you sent him was quite lovely.

    Why did you steal that idea from me? And why did you have to pick out a card in the same style as mine?


  6. Why, Savannah, surely you weren't around in the time of "secret admirers"?

    Princess: I've been waiting for the day when Tim gets his telephoto lens out ready for full exposure...

    * peers under bed *

    Eeeeek! Miss Scarlet!

    MJ: Well, I wouldn't be averse to rubbing him all over myself, although I think I'd get into a bit of a lather.

    'Petra: I'll have you know that I picked that card out ages ago. I saw it and immediately thought of Tim.
    It's not my fault you and I have impeccably similar taste!

    Oh, and have you got yours, yet?

    Tim: You should be thankful I didn't create a masterpiece from the telephoto lens photos I have of you!

  7. Oh, you sent Pete one too?


  8. Green-eyed Monster: Do I detect a hint of jealousy?

  9. No, not yet *wipes tear from left eye*

    Did you receive yours?

    Oh, and we DO have impeccable taste!

  10. Oh, I received mine, thank you 'Petra.
    I'm not surprised you haven't received yours yet - I didn't post it until Friday!

    Tim: Methinks thou protesteth too much. I *do* don't I!?

    Or were you shouting that 'Petra and I do not have impeccable taste?

  11. Can't wait. I do hope the postman rings twice!

    Really poor manners from Tim Tams, don't you think dear?


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