Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Flying time

It feels like I haven't been here for ages, but the last post was only three days ago. I think it's because I'd prepared SP's birthday Square of Lust before hand and haven't spent much time in blogville since the end of January when I prepared & posted the Star Trek items. That Bananarama video was neither here nor there, so that doesn't count, either.
Anyway, I aim to be back by Monday and hope to spend some time in the next couple of days or so catching up with those of you who I have neglected somewhat.

See you soon!


  1. How can you say that about Bananarama!!!!? They are my idols!
    *Huffs out in a scuff of scarlet*

  2. I'm leaving on principal, simply because you've offended Miss Scarlet.

    The nerve.

  3. "Square of Lust" a euphemism for a chip batty no doubt...

    Oh... Bye Scarlet....

    There are "scarlet scuffs" all over the new driveway now....

  4. Bye MJ... *waving*

    Was it something I said?

  5. Oh Bye Miss Scarlet & MJ!

  6. Square of Lust sounds exciting. Do tell more.

  7. Miss Scarlet! Come back! COME BACK!!

    Bananarama are fabulous - I just meant posting the video on the blog was neither here nor there. As in it didn't take a lot of time or effort to do.

    Oh. Now you've made MJ huff off, too.


    Princesses: A euphemism? no doubt!

    But, Hai xl!

    Actually, Snooze, If I'd pictured all of SP's fancies, I'd have enough boys/ben for a Cube of Lust!

  8. Ah. That was supposed to be "boys/men".

  9. I feel so creepy fancying the Scarvo twins. It's a little icky I suppose but legal, right?

    You are not the only one, I feel so guilty. I should blog if not daily then at least bi-weekly

  10. Those Carver twins are well above legal, 'Petra - they're 23 on July 31st!

  11. That's nice to know! Certainly brightened up my morning. Somewhat.

  12. *waves*


    Is there anyone here?

    Humpf. They've all fecked off. Ah well, I'll just drink this all by myself. Again.

    *pours a long glass of champagne.

  13. Did someone pop the cork on a bottle of champagne?

    Champagne AND the Carver twins is too interesting to pass up


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